Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Weekend Guide

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What to Do This Weekend

’Tis the season.

Love, Summer Of Bags
Proceeds from these clever ecofriendly totes go toward helping artists Meg Shoemaker and Phil Pinto make their short film (hopefully about summer lovin’).
Why: Awesome, they are.
Where: Online at

I’m So Happy for You
Lucinda Rosenfeld’s latest novel is a bitch fest about two supportive (jealous), dependable (nasty) besties.
Why: Keep your friends close and your frenemies closer.
Where: Online at

Quilted Shoulder Tee
Three Dots and Des Kohan teamed up to make this uber-soft white shirt with exo-shoulder padding.
Why: Let the inside out.
Where: Online at

Significant Objects
Creators of this new site find random, weird tchotchkes at thrift stops and commission well-known writers to make up stories about ’em. Then everything gets sold on eBay.
Why: Find the object of your affection.
Where: Online at

Brownie Points
The site’s yum-in-the-tum desserts include fruit-flavored popcorn (a childhood staple), peppermint bark, chocolate-dipped choco chip cookies, and butterscotch brownies.
Why: You’ve earned ’em.
Where: Online at

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