Monday, October 1, 2012

Liam Payne is dating Leona Lewis?! *picks jaw up from keyboard*

Liam Payne is reportedly seeing Leona Lewis.
Leona and Liam? Really? Honestly?! Copyright: [wenn]

*check eyes*
Yes, you did read that correctly — Liam Payne is believed to be dating, hooking up with, Mr Lover Lovering X Factor winner Leona Lewis!
Feel free to pick your jaw back up off the keyboard before we continue.
Yes, despite Liam only having been single for a few days and Leona being eight years his senior, a 'close family source' told The Sun the pair are getting on just great!
The source told the paper: "As soon as the chance came to ask her out he grabbed it — and they really enjoyed their dates together."

So it would seem that Harry Styles isn't the only member of the band with a penchant for the older ladies!
The source continued: "Although they were in London they managed to stay out of the limelight and are really into each other."
However we want to know how would Liam have even found the time to fit in a date since splitting up with Danielle Peazer last week?
Liam has only just split up with Danielle. Copyright: [wenn]
We knew Liam was single and all that after the boys' appearance on Chatty Man, but we did expect him to remain that way for at least… well, a few days at least!
Plus, if it is true then it must be a dream come true for Liam who admitted in January, "My celebrity crush has got to be Leona Lewis... love Leona Lewis."
Whats more if it is true, who knew Leona Lewis was such a cougar? Miaow!

TOWIE’s Mario and Lucy: ‘Amy Childs is only known for sticking plastic on people’s vaginas’

Lucky Mecklenburgh and Mario Falcone have slammed their former TOWIE costar Amy Childs, saying she was only known for 'sticking plastic on vaginas'.
We get the feeling Mario and Lucy aren't the biggest Amy Childs fans. Copyright: [wenn]

Yes, the new series of TOWIE hasn't even begun yet and already there is drama brewing in Essex!
Lucy told the Daily Star on Sunday: "You know what makes me laugh about Amy is, she slags off TOWIE all the time and says we should be axed."

"And then she hears there could be a movie and she says she'd love to do it."
And Lucy went on to say that if a TOWIE movie is on the horizon, then Amy better butt out.
"She is so rude and disrespectful. She left so long ago and the show is doing so much better now. I don't think she should have an opinion," Lucy told the paper.
Lucy reckons Amy shouldn't be in the TOWIE movie. Copyright: [wenn]
Mario then jumped in saying how Amy was a fool to leave the show and how he found it 'ironic' when Amy commented that he and Lucy didn't get any good story lines.
Mario says: "Amy's problem is she forgets where she came from. She left TOWIE and she fell flat on her face".
"She said Lucy, Lauren, Chloe and I should be axed because we have run out of storylines, which is ironic seeing as her only storyline was sticking bits of plastic on people's vaginas."
At which point we would just like to interrupt and suggest that we are pretty those were sequins and not plastic.
The new series of TOWIE starts tonight at 10pm on ITV2 and we actually don't think we could be any more excited, vajazzles or no vajazzles.

Cat Deeley marries Patrick Kielty, Edith Bowman is bridesmaid *picks jaw up from keyboard

Cat Deeley is officially Mrs Patrick Kielty after the pair secretly wed this weekend after ten months together.
PatCat are MARRIED!? Copyright: [rex]

Yes, this really did happen and no, we don't think we can handle the randomness at this hour either, we haven't even had our Weetabix for cripes sake.
We know we should probably get over it, but we still can't quite believe these two are an item!

Plus, to add to the amazing randomness, Edith Bowman was Cat's bridesmaid.
Honestly, now it just sounds like we are chucking names at you, but it's true!
Cat married Patrick in Rome! Copyright: [wenn]
PatCat, as everyone are now calling them, tied the knot at an intimate ceremony in Rome in front of about 60 family and friends.
A source told The Sun: "Cat was stunning", yeah tell us something we don't know, "she looked absolutely beautiful, and the reception afterwards was pretty quiet by normal standards".
The source also said how the plans were kept a secret even from their closest family until a few days before!
"The wedding plans were top secret. Friends of Paddy and Cat only found out in the last few days."
The pair got hitched at the St Isidore's College Church close to the Vatican which specializes in Irish weddings and Patrick even flew over his priest from Belfast especially.
And it would seem that this weekend was the weekend to have a secret wedding, after Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman also exchanged covert vows.

Tooting postcode tops income list

Research has found that income per home in one particular postcode in Tooting is £66,100, higher than anywhere else in the country including traditionally upmarket areas such as Knightsbridge, Kensington and Chelsea.
The figures are contained in the Wealth of the Nation 2012 report by CACI, a data company that specialises in postcode analysis.
Meanwhile a postcode in Salford Quays in Manchester was found to have the sixth highest average household income in the UK at £63,700 due to the BBC moving much of its operations there.
Tooting Common in south west London. Image: Stefan Rousseau/PA WireNeither Tooting or Salford were in the top 10 the last time that CACI carried out the research in 2006.

The company admitted that the results are “surprising”.
CACI it said that the Tooting postcode in question - starting SW17 6 - is home to a large number of “well-educated, senior managerial young couples”, meaning that many homes have two generous incomes.
Its research found that a noticeable absence of poorer retirees in the postcode in question means that the average income in the postcode remains high.
The area in question borders Tooting Graveney Common and contains a high proportion of newly-built houses and flats.
Property prices in Tooting have risen sharply in recent years due to its proximity to green space and large selection of pubs, bars and restaurants, including some of London’s best curry houses.
The area is also attractive to young professionals as it is located on the Northern Line of the underground and therefore has good transport links into the City of London.
Farhad Ahmed, a member of the Balham and Tooting Community Association, said that Tooting’s attraction is its diversity. However he said that not all parts of Tooting are affluent.
“The area is really diverse. Parts have the highest average income but there are also areas that are very deprived. You find people with low the lowest incomes there as well with half a mile of that area. It is a strange mixture, really.
He said that house prices in Tooting have “steadily gone up” but said there are places “about three-quarters of a mile away that you’ll find are the lowest prices properties in the borough”.

Justin struck by stage 'fever'

Justin Bieber vomited twice on stage when he kicked off his US concert tour in Phoenix on Saturday
Justin Bieber vomited twice on stage when he kicked off his US concert tour in Phoenix on Saturday
It wasn't just Justin Bieber's fans who had "Bieber Fever" as the teen idol kicked off his national tour in suburban Phoenix.
Video posted on KTVK-TV's website showed the pop star vomiting twice on stage on Saturday night during his sold-out concert at the Arena in Glendale. He left the stage after each episode but returned and even managed an encore.
KTVK reported Justin's fans sang some of his songs while he was offstage and he later apologised for being sick.
Justin later tweeted: "Great show. Getting better for tomorrow's show!!!! Love u."
He later added: "And ... Milk was a bad choice!"
Justin's 45-city Believe tour continues at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

Paris 2012: Top 10 concept cars

McLaren P1 (© Microsoft-Magic Car Pics)
Motor shows are a great excuse for car manufacturers to go mad and showcase outlandish concepts, most of which have no hope of making it into production. Paris 2012 is no different, with a number of hot "design studies" to capture the imagination. Here are MSN Cars' ten favourite.

McLaren P1 (© Microsoft-Magic Car Pics)
Boom - way to make an impact at your home show, Peugeot. The Onyx is a jaw dropping supercar concept built around Le Mans racer diesel hybrid technology. And as if up to 680hp wasn't impressive enough, it also features real copper panels and a dashboard made out of old newspapers.#

McLaren P1 (© Microsoft-Magic Car Pics)
Previewing the next generation of Smart road cars - not to mention the technology that will underpin the next Renault Twingo - the ForStars is a proper show stopper, thanks to the movie projector built into the bonnet, star-gazer friendly roof and its cartoonish visage.

McLaren P1 (© Microsoft-Magic Car Pics)
The Concept Active Tourer is sure to raise eyebrows amongst BMW enthusiasts. Not only is it a people carrier, it previews a new range of three-cylinder turbo engines, plug-in hybrid technology and - shock - it's front rather than rear-wheel drive. 1 Series GT here we come.

McLaren P1 (© Microsoft-Magic Car Pics)
Could this be what the next generation of Nissan Qashqai looks like? Though the chunky proportions seem fun we're less convinced about that cross-eyed front end. Either way, we won't be seeing the TeRRA's hydrogen fuel cell electric drive in dealerships anytime soon. Shame.

McLaren P1 (© Microsoft-Magic Car Pics)
One of the few genuine secret squirrel cars at the 2012 Paris Show, the Porsche Sport Turismo is a sort of Panamera shooting brake concept. Except it's actually slightly smaller. And better looking. Plug-in hybrid power hints of future production plans, too. Remember when Porsche used to build sports cars?
   McLaren P1 (© Microsoft-Magic Car Pics)
If this is what the next Lexus IS looks like, count us in. The LF-CC does a great job of transferring the premium Japanese brand's latest design language onto a smaller vehicle, and suggests a future compact coupé is on the cards. Sublime detailing throughout.
McLaren P1 (© Microsoft-Magic Car Pics)
At first glance the Crosslane Coupe may look like just another of Audi's off-road Q-models. But it's actually a rather unusual two-door design with a targa roof. It also debuts a 1.5-litre three-cylinder engine, which combined with two electric motors provides 177hp. Exotic materials, too.
  McLaren P1 (© Microsoft-Magic Car Pics)
We knew it was coming, but that doesn't make it any less sensational - the new McLaren P1 is aiming to re-write the rulebook for 'ultra sports cars'. No word on the engine or performance yet, but we do know it generates 600kg of down-force at 'track' speeds.
McLaren P1 (© Microsoft-Magic Car Pics)
It's got a range-extender powertrain, solar panels, social media integration and it's targeting the burgeoning compact crossover market - it's hard to thing how this SsangYong electric-eXicting user Interface Vehicle could be any more on trend. Looks good, too.