Friday, November 2, 2012

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart make first joint TV appearance, look pretty happy about it

When Kristen Stewart first confirmed that she'd cheated on Robert Pattinson with a married man, we were worried about the promotional trail for the final Twilight movie.
Robert Pattinson and Kristen StewartRobert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were full of smiles. Copyright [MTV News]After all, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson would be reunited to promote Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2, and we were expecting things to be very awkward.
However, now it seems that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are very much back together - and were pretty blimmin' happy about it on their first joint TV appearance since the cheating scandal.
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart looked relaxed and happy during their TV appearance. Copyright [MTV News]Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were joined by Taylor Lautner on MTV News, but the pair only seemed to have eyes for each other - laughing and joking their way through the interview and looking like nothing bad had ever happened.
Both stars looked relaxed and casual for the interview, with Kristen donning an oversized jumper and jeans.
However, questions about their relationship were clearly off limits. They chatted about their Halloween costumes, and then Robert Pattinson made a joke about the famous sex scene in the last Twilight movie.
Robert Pattinson and Kristen StewartCheating? What cheating? Copyright [MTV News]
He said: "I'd imagine it's quite like the scene where she's doing the pottery in Ghost."
Kristen then joked that she was responsible for Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner's success - as she had a say in their casting.
She joked: "I take full credit for both of those guys, actually."

Lydia Bright gets all wintery in furry Russain hat: OMGorge or OMGross?! We just can’t decide!

Lydia Bright was looking very cosy as she rocked up to Everything Everywhere Launch Party last night.
Do you love Lydia's furry head gear? We just can't decide! Copyright: [rex]

As well as sporting her usual signature loved up glow with her man Tom Kilbey, Lyds was also looking very toasty in this furry Russain style hat.
We think we kind of love it, especially in this weather, but have to check: is it OMGorge or OMGross?

Lydia teamed her furry head gear with what appears to be a chequered trouser suit, now *this* we are really not sure about.
We are used to ogling the TOWIE star's wardrobe so were surprised to see her in something we didn't absolutely love!
It's nice but we could swear our Grandpa has exactly the same ensemble, minus the furry hat and stole!
However, Lydia's hat was not only an accessory but also a necessity as she had been indulging in some rather wintery fun earlier in the evening.
Lydia's hat was not just an accessory, it was a necessity! Copyright: [rex]
Yep, Lydia nipped off for a bit of ice skating before arriving at the party.
We actually can't believe it's ice skating season already - we still feel like we should be in our bikinis.
However, there is no denying that winter is almost definitely here, but once that winter coat goes on it will not be coming off until at least March.

Alt-J celebrate Mercury Prize win


    Alt-J were announced as winners of the Mercury Prize
    Alt-J were announced as winners of the Mercury Prize
    Indie quartet Alt-J won the Barclaycard Mercury Prize for their debut album An Awesome Wave and promised to celebrate in very un-rock 'n' roll style - by taking their parents out for dinner.
    The group, who met at Leeds University in 2007, looked stunned as they collected the award - despite being the bookies' favourites as the ceremony got under way.
    They picked up the £20,000 prize at the event at the Roundhouse, in Camden, north London, which was hosted by Lauren Laverne and screened in a brief five-minute slot on Channel 4.
    Accepting the award on stage, the band - Thom Green (drums), Joe Newman (guitar/vocals), Gwil Sainsbury (guitarist/bassist) and Gus Unger-Hamilton (keyboards) - said there were too many people to thank.
    They said: "We might just thank everyone on team Alt-J who has ever made a difference." They also thanked their parents for "not making us get jobs".
    Speaking backstage, Gus said the £20,000 prize money would not change their lives too much. He said: "It won't nearly pay off our student loans." But he admitted to being a fan of his own work, saying: "I like listening to it and I think that is a testament to it, it's the same four guys."
    Joe said the band would take their parents out for dinner but would also celebrate in more traditional rock star style.
    He said: "We're going to go and get really p*****, we've just won a Mercury. Christ, I'm going to stay out and carry this as long as I can."
    They beat acts including rapper Plan B to win the award and singer-songwriter Richard Hawley, who missed out again - six years after losing to Arctic Monkeys.

    ‘X Factor will END after next year’ says Simon Cowell’s best pal Sinitta

    Sinitta has revealed that Simon Cowell has said that X Factor will be axed after one more series.
    Sinitta says Simon will can the show after ten years. Copyright: [wenn]

    In true Sinitta fashion, she let slip in an interview with Closer magazine that Simon had always planned to end the show after ten years.
    So there will be one more after this current series and then that will be it.
    She says: "I'm told next year is going to be the last. It'll have been ten years."

    And Simon is her bezzie mate, so we imagine she has only the best sources.
    If this is true then this makes us very sad, just what will we do with our Saturday nights?!
    Sinitta let slip in an interview that Simon is planning to can X Factor. Copyright: [wenn]
    We might have to *gasp* GO OUT! God forbid!
    What will Dermot do? He can't just suddenly start ordering Chinese takeaways and watching Casualty after ten years!
    And we dread to think what might happen to Louis Walsh without X Factor.
    However, it is true to say that although we are loving it, this series of X Factor isn't doing as well as others.
    Pretty much week on week it is facing a thrashing from Strictly Come Dancing in the ratings war and we are worried that this could be pushing Simon's decision.

    Rihanna gets her boobs out on Twitter. Standard.

    We were a bit concerned yesterday when we saw that Rihanna had dressed all demurely for Halloween.
    RihannaRihanna got her boobs out on Twitter. Standard. Copyright [Rihanna]However, it seems that things are back to normal, with Rihanna tweeting a topless photo of herself last night.
    Phew, for a moment there we thought Rihanna was going all tame on us.
    RiRi got her boobs out in a sultry Twitpic, and she does look amaze.
    RihannaRihanna during her Halloween night out. Copyright [Rihanna]The picture shows Rihanna in bed wearing a green veil (we think that's left over from her Halloween costume,) with a finger suggestively in her mouth and her arm just about covering up her boobs.
    The star posted the photo after her huge Halloween party, alongside the caption: "The morning after. Happy November!"
    RihannaRihanna opened her party in this demure outfit. Copyright [Splash/WENN]She looks THIS HOT after a night out? No smudged makeup or dodgy PJs or remnants of a McDonalds scattered about the place?
    Rihanna also looked amazing the night before as well. She opened her party in a black skirt and top, before changing into a green dress, stockings and suspenders.
    Chris Brown, on the other hand, chose to turn up to Rihanna's Halloween party dressed up as a terrorist. Charming.
    Rihanna, we're really struggling to see what the attraction is there. Please ditch him.

    Thursday, November 1, 2012

    Corden shows off in pink swimsuit

    James Corden tries his hand at synchronised swimming for A League of Their Own
    James Corden tries his hand at synchronised swimming for A League of Their Own
    James Corden slips into a women's swimsuit as he gets a sync-ing feeling for a TV stunt.
    The presenter and actor joins a synchronised swimming squad for a challenge to be screened in his sporting panel show A League Of Their Own on Friday.
    He and show regulars Jamie Redknapp and Jack Whitehall each try to show off their talents in the pool, in front of an Olympic standard panel of judges.
    They were given just a couple of hours training on the morning of the challenge with the Aquabatix swimming squad, who formed into three teams.
    Andrea Holland, who was on the BBC's commentary panel for the synchronised swimming events at London 2012, was also on hand.
    Viewers will be able to see how they got on at 10pm on Sky 1's A League Of Their Own.

    Dear Chantelle Houghton and Alex Reid...

    As Chantelle Houghton and Alex Reid's public feud turns ever uglier (Chantelle has now taken to Twitter, alleging not only that their relationship fell apart because of another man, but that Alex turned their then-home into a "sex dungeon", among other claims), Dom Bradbury - the man behind AngryBritain - has penned an open letter to the celebs...

    Chantelle Houghton and Alex Reid (PA)

    Dear Chantelle & Alex,

    Fame is a funny thing, a bit like laundry. Some days you have more clean socks than you know what to do with; others you’re turning your pants inside out for another day’s use.

    I’m no relationship counsellor but I’ve bought every issue of OK! you’ve been in* and worn my pants inside out often enough to try and reach out to you both with this open letter, not so much as a fan but more as a close friend and confident.

    "Chantelle, it can’t be easy coming home to find Alex doing the vacuuming in your fishnets especially if he’s also used the last of your favourite lipstick..."

    ...Did it really escape your notice that he’d been pictured in the papers before he met you dressed as a woman, accompanied by a drag queen that bore an uncanny resemblance his ex Katie Price? …

    Let’s face it, Alex’s choice of career is probably a contributing factor to his behaviour, all those knocks to the head in a cage can’t be good for anyone. Marrying Katie Price is proof, if proof was needed, that Alex isn’t ‘all there’.

    And Alex, we all know woman can be tricky, I dare say even your alter-ego Roxanne suffers from the odd bout of PMT, but pregnant woman require extra special handling.

    So, perhaps with hindsight constructing a ‘sex dungeon’ (as Chantelle has claimed) in the living room while Chantelle was eight months pregnant was pushing your luck ever-so-slightly.

    "It’s pretty clear you two, or three if we count Roxanne, aren’t meant to be together."

    Chantelle should’ve stuck with an ordinary boy like Preston, after all pre-Celebrity Big Brother she was just an ordinary girl. Until Alex decides whether he likes boys or girls the most, it’s probably for the best that he just gets a cat for company and Bridget Jones on DVD.

    The trouble is, you two couldn’t wait to ride the wave of celebrity and sell your baby pictures to OK! and rushed headlong into producing a life, one that now needs it’s parents, and not auntie Roxanne. Nor does Dolly need you both airing your dirty laundry on Twitter like Chantelle has today because one day, thanks to the wonders of the internet, it will come back to sucker punch her.

    And just look what sucker punching has done to her dad.

    Your friend,


    Jessica Simpson shows off weight-loss in Halloween Twitpic

    Jessica Simpson has been on a quest to lose her baby weight since she gave birth to little Maxwell back in June.
    Jessica SimpsonJessica Simpson showed off her new body in this Halloween Twitpic. Copyright [Jessica Simpson]And Jessica Simpson has shown off the extent of her weight loss in this Halloween Twitpic today.
    Jessica Simpson posed for the snap with her fiance, Eric Johnson and baby daughter Maxwell.
    Dressed as some sort of Scottish sexy milkmaid, Jessica Simpson showed off her svelte waist and toned legs.
    Jessica SimpsonJessica Simpson put on 70 pounds during her pregnancy. Copyright [Splash/WENN]She also flashed rather a lot of that famous cleavage. Well, we would too if our boobs looked like that.
    Jessica Simpson piled on the pounds during her pregnancy after confessing to cravings for macaroni cheese and pop tarts.
    However, since being signed as the face and body of Weight Watchers, Jessica has been on a strict diet and exercise plan.
    Jessica SimpsonJessica Simpson has shed most of the weight over recent weeks. Copyright [Splash]Apparently, she's lost 60 pounds in six months - and it's definitely showing.
    She said of her quest to lose weight: ""I didn't realise it [the weight] didn't all come off with the baby. I'm not a supermodel. My body is not bouncing back like a supermodel. I'm just your everyday woman who is trying to feel good and be healthy for her daughter, her fiancé and herself."
    However, can we take our eyes off Jessica's amazing figure for just a minute to have a good old coo over Maxwell.
    Whoever decided to dress her up as a little chicken deserves a medal.

    Millie Mackintosh shows off her last minute chic look, joined by Professor Green and his Nan at the Cosmo awards

    Last night Millie Mackintosh took to the red carpet at the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women of the Year awards looking her usual chic self.
    Millie was forced to get ready at the last minute before the awards. [Copyright Getty]

    However, it seems that Millie had a last minute dash to get ready after a hair appointment fell through.
    The Made in Chelsea posted her dilemma on Twitter ahead of the awards.
    She wrote: "Last minute getting ready! No longer have a hair appointment this should be fun #late." [sic]
    After deciding what to wear Millie Mackintosh returned to Twitter to inform her followers of her last minute choices.
    She posted: 'ive got my dress for the @CosmopolitanUK women of the year awards tonight now need to figure out hair and make up! thinking vampy #TheCosmos.' [sic]

    Well if this is what it looks like to get ready last minute she should do it more often.
    Hello Miss Mackintosh!
    Pro Green brought his Nan Patricia along to the awards. [Copyright Getty]
    Millie was joined at the ceremony by her boyfriend Professor Green along with his Nan Patricia.
    Nana Green beamed with pride as she posed with her rapper grandson and girlfriend Millie.
    Professor Green had vented his anger toward a taxi driver earlier that evening who nearly made his Nan miss the occasion after her car failed to arrive on time.
    He posted on Twitter: "First night I get to take my nan down the red carpet and it's looking more likely that we won't even make it. Unimpressed.
    "Not happy about the fact she's been in a car on her own for 2hrs either. F***ing cab drivers!" [sic]
    Unfortunately, Pro and Millie had to leave the event earlier after Patricia seemingly took ill.
    As the two took left the venue with Patricia to take her home, onlookers overheard her saying she was fine.
    Hopefully she's feeling much better today.

    Pregnant Fearne Cotton shows off baby bump, then suffers swollen feet

    We've been on avid Fearne Cotton baby bump watch ever since she announced her pregnancy.
    Fearne CottonFearne Cotton wore two dresses for her appearance last night. Copyright [PA/WENN]And last night, Fearne Cotton showed off her growing baby bump at the Cosmopolitan Women of the Year Awards.
    Fearne wore two dresses for the awards (which she was obviously hosting)
    She walked the red carpet in a long-sleeved floral dress, before changing into a short monochrome number.
    Fearne CottonFearne Cotton proudly cradled her baby bump. Copyright [PA]Fearne stood to the side and proudly cradled her baby bump as she posed for photographers on the red carpet - and we have to say, being pregnant definitely suits the TV presenter.
    However, after hours on her feet presenting the awards, Fearne was suffering from seriously swollen feet.
    So much so, in fact, that she tweeted a snap of her tootsies in an ice bath.
    Fearne Cotton swollen feetFearne Cotton was suffering from swollen feet by the end of the night. Copyright [Fearne Cotton]She tweeted the snap alongside the caption: "The cosmos were as inspiring and magical as ever. Loved hosting it again! Feet now so swollen! #icebucket"
    This is Fearne's first bubba with her boyfriend Jesse Wood. The pair announced her pregnancy last month, and Fearne's also revealed she'll be taking a year off from TV work following the birth.
    Fearne Cotton and Kye SonesFearne Cotton was reunited with Kye Sones last night, too. Copyright [Fearne Cotton]However, it wasn't all painful feet last night - Fearne Cotton was reunited with her BFF, The X Factor's Kye Sones, at the event.
    She also tweeted a photo of their pair, alongside the caption: "At last I'm reunited with my Bestie!"

    Bundesliga - Ballack pleads poverty over speeding fine

    Former Chelsea and Germany midfielder Michael Ballack has told a Spanish court that he cannot pay a £8,000 speeding fine "because he is unemployed".
    Ballack, 36, earned up to £120,000 week during his long career, but recently retired from football after leaving Bayer Leverkusen.
    Michael Ballack
    Yet, after being caught doing 127 mph in his Audi U7 on a 75mph road near Trujillo, the former Germany captain’s lawyer told a court in Caceres that his client should only pay one tenth of the fine because he is out of work and does not have a source of income.
    “Just because he is a famous footballer doesn’t mean he has any money coming in," said lawyer Jesus Gallego Rol.
    Rol added that driving at speed is not a crime in Ballack’s homeland of Germany.
    Ballack, who joined Chelsea from Bayern Munich in 2006 and earned between £80,000 and £120,000 a week during his four-year stay in West London, also faces a two-year driving ban for the offence.
    He was widely regarded as one of the best midfielders in the world but a serious ankle injury ruled him out of the 2010 World Cup, after which he left Chelsea before spending two injury-ravaged seasons at Leverkusen.

    Monday, October 29, 2012

    Is Roberto Mancini heading for a Pep talk?

    The tactical disaster in Amsterdam will have Man City's manager looking nervously over his shoulder, says Chris Charles.

    Is Roberto Mancini heading for a Pep talk?

    As Roberto Mancini surveys the wreckage of another horror show in Europe, the spectre of Pep Guardiola is looming large on the horizon.

    By his own admission, Manchester City need a miracle to qualify for the second phase of the Champions League, following a 3-1 defeat in Amsterdam on Wednesday night, and an early exit may cause more than a little discomfort in the owner’s trigger finger.

    As in Madrid last month, City seemingly had a precious three points in the bag, only to wrestle defeat from the jaws of victory.

    Mancini nobly took the blame for the latest loss, which leaves his side with one point from three games and realistically needing to win in Dortmund, while beating Real Madrid and Ajax back on home turf.

    It is difficult to find a case for the defence, as the Italian inexplicably continues to meddle with his back four.

    "You sense an element of panic coming into his decision-making which inevitably seeps onto the field of play."

    After going a goal behind, he switched to switched to three centre-backs – a move which left Gael Clichy looking like a driver whose sat-nav had failed.

    Micah Richards broke ranks to admit it was not a system the players were comfortable with.

    Then there was Mancini’s desperate attempt to salvage something from the game by playing all four of his strikers in a move straight off the playground – all that was missing was rush goalie and jumpers for goalposts.

    You sense an element of panic in his decision-making which inevitably seeps onto the field of play.

    Yes, City are in this season’s 'Group of Death', but after twice getting themselves into winning positions in tricky away fixtures they have shot themselves in the foot, while a superhuman effort from Joe Hart barely papered over the cracks of a woeful display against Dortmund at the Etihad.

    "While it would be ludicrous to part company with the manager now, a two-week spell in November could go a long way to shaping the Italian's future."

    Conversely, in the Premier League the champions are repeating the pattern of that dramatic final day victory over QPR by giving inferior teams like Fulham and West Brom a goal start before coming back to nick it at the death.

    City fans in the main are continuing to stand by Mancini, although a series of tweets from ‘Plekster’ during the Ajax game perfectly illustrated the fickle nature of the beautiful game: “Tonight could be one of the best in our history…City’s name is on the trophy…This could end up 10-0…Mancini out – sick of failure in Europe – embarrassing.”

    While it would be ludicrous to part company with the manager now, a two-week spell in November - when his side face Tottenham, Real Madrid and Chelsea - could go a long way to shaping the Italian's future.

    Meanwhile, four months after leaving Barcelona, Guardiola continues to kick his heels. The Spaniard has maintained all along that he wants to take a year out, but if Sheikh Mansour comes in with a ‘think of a number and double it’ offer he may just be tempted to fold the sun lounger away.

    • Chris Charles is a QPR fan who used to write very funny blogs for the BBC. He likes punk music but dislikes celery. You can follow him on Twitter @Chris_Charles

    Kylie exclusive: Why I *have* to do THAT Jason Donovan duet

    Kylie Minogue has all-but confirmed that she and Jason Donovan will be getting back on stage together for that infamous reunion duet very soon.

    Speaking exclusively to Yahoo! omg! ahead of the release of her new album 'The Abbey Road Sessions', the Aussie popstar told us that she HAS to perform 'Especially For You' with her Neighbours c0-star - because the pressure is getting too much.
    She said: "You know what, I feel like I have to do this. People are getting more and more desperate. They're like 'please, for the love of God can you just do it because we need it out of our system'."
    Kylie says she really wants the duet with Jason Donovan to happen. Copyright [Youtube]
    Kylie and Jason were all set for a reunion duet this summer at Hit Factory Live in Hyde Park, when the wash-out British weather forced the event to be called off.
    Although Pete Waterman's gig has been rescheduled for an indoor event at the O2 on December 21, the Aussie pair's names have not been placed on the promotional poster.
    But by the sounds of things, the duet will be added to the bill if the petite songstress has anything to do with it.
    She added: "I was as disappointed as everyone else when the Hyde Park show was cancelled. Literally all the rain in the world was in London."
    Kylie Minogue is celebrating 25 years in the industry with an album recorded at Abbey Road
    And Kyles, who is celebrating 25 years in the music industry this year with reworking of her classics at Abbey Road, confessed that when the two of them got together ahead of the doomed concert, they'd actually been a bit worried about the dancing element to the classic 1988 pop song.
    She said: "We'd rehearsed one or two days before. It was quite weird for the two of us to be in a studio because we don't see each other that often.
    "And we looked at each other and said 'did we ever sing this live?' and we realised that we hadn't because the only performances that we'd done were way back in the day when you didn't even hold a microphone on Top Of The Pops.
    "We just did the mild choreography with the leap into the arms and the spin. So that's become the even bigger question - if it happens, are we going to manage to do this thing that doesn't have a name?
    "The leap. So I hope it happens. That's a really long way around of not answering a question. I hope it happens. I just can't say it's a yes at the moment."
    Kylie's new album The Abbey Road Sessions is out today!
    As part of #omgKylieWeek we'll be revealing a different part of our exclusive interview every day this week so check back for more!

    Pregnant Fearne Cotton dresses baby bump for winter

    We always knew that Fearne Cotton's pregnancy style would be second to none.
    Fearne CottonFearne Cotton showed off her winter pregnancy style. Copyright [WENN]And Fearne Cotton has proved us right by dressing up her growing baby bump and looking blimmin' amazing.
    Fearne Cotton and her bump were snapped looking all cosy at the Radio 1 studios this morning - which is understandable, now that the clocks have gone back and the weather's flipping freezing.
    Fearne CottonFearne Cotton was snapped arriving a the Radio 1 studios this morning. Copyright [WENN]Fearne was dressed in an oversized purple jumper, navy coat, blue hat, leggings and boots - showing off perfect winter slouchy style.
    And it seems that the bump is coming on nicely - it's getting more prominent every time we see Fearne.
    Fearne CottonFearne Cotton has announced she'll be taking a break from TV once the baby is born. Copyright [WENN]Fearne's amazing pregnancy style comes just days after the TV presenter announced she'd be taking a bit of a break following the birth of mini-Cotton.
    Fearne announced she'd be taking some time off Celebrity Juice, tweeting: "I will miss doing the show massively next series... ''But I'm so excited about this next chapter of life. I'll be back on celebrity juice later next year. I'm still on the show for the rest of the series too btw. Next weeks Halloween show is a corker." [sic]
    Naw, we're gutted that Fearne will be off our screens for a while. But we reckon she and fiance Jesse Wood will be enjoying spending family time with the little 'un.

    Premier League - Balotelli, Rooney named on Ballon d'Or shortlist

    City secured their first league title since 1968 in May and lead the Premier League contingent, with Mario Balotelli, Yaya Toure and Sergio Aguero all in contention.
    Manchester United are represented by Robin van Persie and Wayne Rooney. The Englishman - a surprise inclusion - has scored 25 goals in 2012 to Messi's 73, did not win a domestic trophy and failed to make an impact for England at Euro 2012.
    Chelsea's achievements last season are recognised with a nomination for Didier Drogba, who now plays for Shanghai Shenhua.
    Ballon d'Or shortlist 2012 - Balotelli, Messi, Rooney
    While the Premier League is responsible for six of the names on the shortlist, La Liga leads the way with 12 representatives.
    Barcelona forward Lionel Messi won the inaugural FIFA Ballon d'Or award in 2010 and retained the award last year. His remarkable tally for club and country in 2012 so far make him a strong contender to make it a hat-trick, though he won only the Copa del Rey with Barcelona last season.
    Team-mate Andres Iniesta, who also inspired Spain to Euro 2012 glory, won UEFA's Best Player in Europe Award in August, beating Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo to the prize. Both he and Ronaldo, whose 46 goals helped Real Madrid win La Liga, will be among the favourites again.
    However, Messi is currently odds-on favourite. The Argentina star scored a barely credible 50 goals in La Liga last season and already has 17 in 14 in all competitions in the 2012-13 campaign. He won both the Ballon d'Or and FIFA World Player of the Year in 2009 in the final year before the awards merged, meaning he has been officially named the globe's best player for the past three years.
    The sole representative from outside Europe, Drogba aside, is Santos striker Neymar, who has scored 38 goals in 43 games in 2012 for the Brazilian side, many of them spectacular.
    Ten managers have also been shortlisted for the FIFA World Coach of the Year award.
    Vicente del Bosque's success in extending Spain's dominance to a record third consecutive victory at an international tournament makes him a leading contender, though Germany's Joachim Loew and Italy's Cesare Prandelli also make the cut.
    Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini is recognised for winning the league title and Roberto Di Matteo unsurprisingly is in contention after winning the FA Cup and Champions League with Chelsea last season.
    Jose Mourinho won the award in 2010 and was succeeded by Pep Guardiola in 2011. Both coaches are on the shortlist once again.

    The 23-man shortlist for the Ballon d'Or award

    Sergio Aguero (Manchester City and Argentina); Mario Balotelli (Manchester City and Italy); Karim Benzema (Real Madrid and France); Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus and Italy); Sergio Busquets (Barcelona and Spain); Iker Casillas (Real Madrid and Spain); Didier Drogba (Chelsea/Shanghai Shenhua and Ivory Coast); Radamel Falcao (Atletico Madrid and Colombia); Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Paris Saint-Germain/Milan and Sweden); Andres Iniesta (Barcelona and Spain); Lionel Messi (Barcelona and Argentina); Manuel Neuer (Bayern Munich and Germany); Neymar (Santos and Brazil); Mesut Ozil (Real Madrid and Germany); Gerard Pique (Barcelona and Spain); Andrea Pirlo (Juventus and Italy); Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid and Spain); Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid and Portugal); Wayne Rooney (Manchester United and England); Yaya Toure (Manchester City and Ivory Coast); Robin van Persie (Manchester United/Arsenal and Netherlands); Xabi Alonso (Real Madrid and Spain); Xavi (Barcelona and Spain)

    The 10-man shortlist for the FIFA World Coach of the Year award

    Vicente del Bosque (Spain); Roberto Di Matteo (Chelsea); Sir Alex Ferguson (Manchester United); Pep Guardiola (Barcelona, now unemployed); Jupp Heynckes (Bayern Munich); Juergen Klopp (Borussia Dortmund); Joachim Loew (Germany); Roberto Mancini (Manchester City); Jose Mourinho (Real Madrid); Cesare Prandelli (Italy)