Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Kim Kardashian finally stops sharing bikini photos, oh wait, she’s in a swimsuit now

Kim Kardashian's obsession with giving us body envy on a daily basis by sharing photos of her in a bikini appeared to have ended — that was until the swimsuit snaps emerged.
kim kardashianKim Kardashian finally shared a snap of her in something other than a bikini. Copyright [Instagram/Kim Kardash …

Last night Kim Kardashian shared a stunning shot of her looking like a Bond girl while stylishly squatting over some rocks with her hair slicked backed into a high pony and a tight stripped top wetly clinging to her curves.

This image formed part of a collection of images showing the gorgeous star and her killer body and the shots kept on coming…
The brunette beauty put on a camel coloured monokini, arched her back and continued with the wet and wild look as she captioned this, "Rock climbing lol"
kim kardashianThe Bond girl poses continued... Copyright [Instagram/Kim Kardashian]
And if that wasn't enough to get you signing up to the gym, Kim also shared yet more swimwear photos on Monday — this time she grouped four shots together.
kim kardashianOne pic isn't enough for Kimmy K, it has to be four in one! [Copyright: Instagram/Kim Kardashian]
Two of which saw her in a cut out one piece and the other featured PVC swimwear that would make any man melt.
kim kardashianKim attempted to cover up in this retro swimsuit. [Copyright: Instagram/Kim Kardashian]
In another shot she stole a little style from the 50s with a full swimsuit complete with a frill around the bottom and a cute halter neck.
To finish things off the reality TV star oozed sexiness as she covered sand in all the right places.
kim kardashianKim gave us some swimsuit respite with this pic. [Copyright: Instgram/Kim Kardashian]
But if you tire of seeing her hot rockin' bod, you can always stare at her face, Kim also shared a close up of her in profile - nice!

David Beckham steals Victoria’s posing crown in new behind-the-scenes video

Victoria Beckham is supposed to be the fashionista but it appears hubby, David is muscling in on the action as he's perfected his modeling pose in a special behind-the-scenes video on the shoot of his new fragrance, The Essence.
david beckhamDavid Beckham worlks that pout in the new video. Copyright [YouTube/Coty]

WATCH the behind-the-scenes video for David Beckham The Essence shoot

The video shows how David Beckham has taken the VB approach to smiling — which is keeping your lips straight but when you're as beautiful as David you can most certainly pull it off!
david beckhamFancy taking us for a spin David? [Copyright: YouTube/Coty]
Initially we see the footballer suited and booted as he smolders to the screen with his wedding ring proudly on display, he then makes two costume changes and looks even fitter — if that's humanly possible?
david beckhamFinaly we get to see that sexy smile, phew! [Copyright: YouTube/Coty]
Becks upped the masculinity stakes as he posed on a motorbike doing his 'thinky face' with a pout his wife would be very jealous of.
david beckhamAnd we get to check out his hot bod too... [Copyright: YouTube/Coty]
Although fear not, he dose crack a fair few smiles that will defiantly raise the corner of your mouth too!
david beckhamSuited and booted and looking buff there Becks! [Copyright: YouTube/Coty]
We're also treated to some profile pics and not just that we do get to witness that hot torso... even if it is when he's changing out of his t-shirt.
David BeckhamStrike a pose! David is a pro at modelling now. [Copyright: YouTube/Coty]
There are up close looks, and a whole host of sexy ones too — we literally cannot wait for this ad campaign to start…

Jessica Wright does a Kelly Brook bum pose before PDA-ing with Ricky Rayment

Jessica Wright launched her debut fashion collection, Lipstick last night and she did it by rewriting some style rules — that boobs are out — bums are most definitely in!
jessica wrightJessica Wright adopted a Kelly Brook pose last night. Copyright [WENN, Getty]

She adopted her best pose by taking on the same stance Kelly Brook did in front of the cameras the night before.

Clad in a long lace black dress Jessica Wright hit the Soho Sanctum Hotel adopting a over-the-shoulder look to allow the paps to focus on her round posterior.
jessica wright ricky raymentJess couldn't keep her hands or mouth off her bf Ricky Rayment. Copyright [WENN]
But we've seen this red-carpet pose plenty of times before, actually on Monday night at the Keith Lemon: The Film premiere Kelly Brook wore a charcoal lace frock and worked the cameras in the same way.
And when the TOWIE star wasn't showing off her erm, assets she was lip locking with her beau Ricky Rayment who appeared to have forgiven her over the flirty texts to Tom Pearce.
towie castJessica was supported by some of the TOWIE cast mates. Copyright [WENN]
The couple kissed on the red carpet, at the party, on the dance, oh and on the dance floor again although at least Jess changed her outfit between snogs, stepping into a nude hue frock.
She was supported by brother Mark Wright and her mum, Carol and Nanny Pat who naturally seemed to be super proud!
wright TOWIEThe Wright family were out in force last ngiht. Copyright [WENN]
Along with the family affair a selection of Jess' TOWIE cast mates attended including Charlie King, Lydia Bright, Dani Patrick-Dempsey, Sam Faiers, and Bobby-Cole Norris.
The night appeared relatively drama free which makes a change from a TOWIE event…

ITV 'could show Premier League games'

The broadcaster is in talks with BT over a deal which would see some of the biggest matches of the season shown on free-to-air TV.
BT recently spent £738 million on rights to 38 matches per season, a deal which begins next year, but the Daily Telegraph reports that it is willing to let ITV share the rights to some of those matches in order to, "showcase a sample of the content it offers... and also to recoup a portion of its outlay on the high profile matches."
TV camera Wembley

ITV is already one of the front-runners to handle the production of the matches for BT, since it has its own large-scale facilities and already performs a similar service for other broadcasters overseas. With that production contract worth £100m over three years, it seems possible that BT is looking to cut some sort of deal with ITV.
BT's decision to buy Premier League football rights came as a surprise to many, but it has since emerged that the company had tried to buy all seven available broadcasting package deals in an attempt to take BSkyB on head-to-head.
Competition rules mean that they could never have frozen Sky out entirely, but, "They seriously intended to get two thirds of the matches which would have been devastating to BSkyB," a source told the Telegraph.
BSkyB paid £2.28 billion for the rights to 116 matches a season over three years from 2013, a shockingly high figure that led to £500 million being wiped off its share price by investors convinced that the satellite broadcaster had overpaid disastrously.
BT and ITV both consider themselves competitors to Sky, with ITV fighting for advertisers and BT trying to stop leaking customers who sign up for Sky's combined phone, broadband and TV deals.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Niall Horan EXCLUSIVE: He has cheeky wee in bushes at V Festival -oh em gee!

Niall Horan clearly hasn't let being a celebrity change him — he's still very much the same erm, down to earth, (or should we say down to nature) boy he was before joining One Direction.
niall horanNiall Horan also sepnt V festival hanging with his celebrity chums. Copyright [Twitter/Niall Horan]

While at this weekend's V Festival in Chelmsford with his band mates Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne, Niall had to answer the call of nature in the early hours and as with most tipsy male festival goers a secluded spot was his first port of call.

He was well hidden but a source told us she witnessed the incident saying: "He found a private spot and it was only by chance that I caught him, it was funny really."
niall horanNiall had a sneaky outdoor wee at the festival. Copyright [WENN]
The buff blonde spent a prominent part of the weekend hanging out at the Virgin Media Louder Lounge (the celebrity soaked VIP area) where we spied some very 'normal' behaviour.
While Liam kept a tight grip on his girlfriend, Danielle Peazer and Louis cuddled up to Eleanor Calder, Niall used his well-earned time off to chill with his mates.
And there were a fair few of those as his entourage featured some of his closest friends who clearly relished in having such a famous pal.
While his small bevvie of boys wandered round rinsing the Louder Lounge's offerings from free Guess sunglasses to barber cuts, Niall happily followed them around.
And the Irish hottie showed off his super sweet side happily waiting for his friends to choose their new frames while he stood being stared at by his many fans.
louis tomlinsonLouis Tomlinson hit the festival with his girlfriend. Copyright [WENN]
It was very sweet to witness him bending down each time someone entered the Guess tent to smooth over the rug — everyone was tripping over it and Niall wasn't too famous to consider other people.
When he wasn't looking after everyone else, we spotted Niall letting his hair down enjoying some drinks and strutting around topless. (Yes, we know we're lucky!)
And to end the day's adventures Niall opted out of a posh Winnebago or 5 star hotel and chose to slum it with the rest of us by camping.
The One Direction boys and their friends didn't just sleep in any old tent though they have a pimped up number in a huge tube shape with wings for everyone to sleep in and a giant table in the middle.
After this weekend we love Niall even more — if that's possible?

Cheryl Cole vs Perrie Edwards in Batman themed fashion

Cheryl Cole and Perrie Edwards are both super-stylish ladies, so we weren't surprised to see that they've both adopted a similar theme in their fashion over the past few days.
Cheryl Cole and Perrie EdwardsCheryl Cole and Perrie Edwards rocking their Batman-themed fashion. Copyright [Rex]
Cheryl Cole and Perrie Edwards have both been snapped wearing Batman themed outfits - quirky and cute.

Cheryl Cole went for an evening out with her Girls Aloud bandmates last week wearing a white body-con dress emblazoned with comic strip Batman print.
The cute dress was in keeping with Cheryl's current love of the print trend, and looked super cute on the petite star.
Cheryl ColeCheryl Cole looked cute in this tight printed dress. Copyright [Rex]Then today, Perrie Edwards stepped out wearing her take on Batman fashion.
The Little Mix singer joined her bandmates on This Morning, wearing a sheer black crop top with bat prints.
Perrie teamed her bat print top with a pair of camo jeans and a cute black hat. Her hair has also been coloured a pale lilac, which we think looks amazing on her.
Perrie EdwardsPerrie Edwards also looked amazing in this bat print top. Copyright [Rex]The rest of the band avoided the Batman theme, but the girls were bang on trend with their camouflage co-ordination.
Jade and Leigh-Ann were both rocking the camo look which is set to be huge next season. Those girls are turning out to be right little trend setters.

Niall Horan makes a new BFF in TOWIE’S Lucy Mecklenburgh

It seems like we're not the only ones who are obsessed with One Direction, but the celebrities are too.
Lucy Mecklenburgh and Niall HoranLucy Mecklenburgh tweeted this photo of her with Niall Horan. Copyright [Lucy Mecklenburgh]
TOWIE's Lucy Mecklenburgh bumped into Niall Horan today and couldn't resist having her photo taken with the One Direction hottie.

Lucy Mecklenburgh tweeted the photo of her with Niall alongside the caption: "Met @Niallofficial. He's really nice."
Lucy looked gorgeous in the snap which showed her wearing a navy blue dress, teamed with celebrity style sunglasses, and her hair in loose waves. Niall Horan looked as hot as ever, wearing a grey T shirt. Swoon.
Lucy Mecklenburgh then tweeted this card that she got signed by One Direction for her sister. Copyright [Lucy …The TOWIE stunner went on to reveal that she'd also managed to get the autographs of One Direction for her little sister who's clearly also a big fan of the boys.
It turns out that Lucy was doing a shoot in the studio next door to Niall Horan and the rest of 1D.
She tweeted Harry Styles directly to ask if the guys would sign something for her little sister - we reckon she'll be absolutely chuffed.
The fact that Lucy and the One Direction boys bumped into each other at a London studio has got us very excited in the hope that they were either recording songs for their new album or shooting new photos.
We can't wait!

EXCLUSIVE: Keith Lemon: Tulisa didn’t mind my spoof of her sex tape

When Tulisa's sex tape was leaked she admitted to feeling humiliated and depressed, and we'd imagine that people taking the mick wouldn't have helped the situation.
Tulisa and Keith LemonTulisa didn't mind Keith Lemon taking the mick out of her. Copyright [WENN]However, Keith Lemon told us exclusively today that Tulisa actually didn't mind his spoof of her sex tape, and in fact said she understood why he'd done it.

Keith Lemon popped into Yahoo! omg! HQ to celebrate our birthday with us, and he said: "We did a spoof of her home video and I saw her and I thought she was going to say something about it. But she didn't mention it, and then she said: "I'm not bothered, you're a comedian. I understand, and then we got on with it and got p***** up."
Keith went on to show his sensitive side, slamming Tulisa's ex boyfriend for selling the footage: "I think it's horrible that she did it and that lad sold it. I didn't think badly of her. Most girls suck d***, but don't film it. She was in a relationship. Horrible he sold it. What a w*****."
Keith LemonKeith Lemon popped into the office and showed off his pants. Copyright [Yahoo! omg!]Tulisa's also found herself in the middle of a fresh media storm after her Twitter spat with Lord Sugar over the weekend.
He asked what she'd done to earn her place on The X Factor judging panel, and Keith Lemon couldn't wait to have his say on the matter.
He revealed: "Well maybe he just don't know N Dubz. She shouldn't have been bothered. She should have laughed and said: "I was in N Dubz."

United complete Buttner signing

Manchester United have completed the signing of Vitesse Arnhem left-back Alexander Buttner on a five-year deal.

Brett Holman of AZ Alkmaar (R) fights for the ball with Alexander Buttner (L) of Vitesse Arnhem (AFP)

Eurosport - Brett Holman of AZ Alkmaar (R) fights for the ball with Alexander Buttner (L) of Vitesse Arnhem (AFP)

Buttner, 23, becomes United's second recent Dutch acquisition following Robin van Persie's move from Arsenal to Old Trafford last week.
The defender, who was included in a provisional Netherlands squad for Euro 2012 but did not make the final 23, arrives at Old Trafford as competition for established first choice Patrice Evra.
United allowed Brazilian full-back Fabio to join QPR on loan for the season and found themselves light in the position.
Sir Alex Ferguson said: "Alexander is one of the best young left-backs in Europe and we're delighted to sign him. He's someone we've been watching for a while now. He gives us some really exciting options in that position."
Buttner made 119 appearances for Arnhem after making his debut in the 2007-08 season, scoring 10 times.
He said: "Joining Manchester United is one of the best days of my life. It's a team I have admired for many years now and I can't wait to join my team-mates and play my part in helping the club be successful."

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Row over NHS hospitals abroad plan

Critics have hit out at a Government initiative which could see NHS hospitals set up profit-making branches abroad.
The Patients Association claimed the scheme could shift focus away from local services and Labour said that ministers should concentrate on "patients, not profits".
Some of Britain's best known hospitals, such as Great Ormond Street, the Royal Marsden and Guy's and St Thomas', could take part in the initiative to raise funds for patients at home and promote the international profile of the health service.
Health Minister Anne Milton says patients 'will get better services at their local hospital thanks to the work the NHS is doing abroad'
Health Minister Anne Milton says patients 'will get better services at their local hospital thanks to the work the NHS is doing abroad'

However, critics have said that hospital trusts should remain focused on treating patients in the UK instead of being distracted by overseas investments.
Katherine Murphy, chief executive of the Patients Association, said: "The guiding principle of the NHS must be to ensure that outcomes and care for patients comes before profits.
"At a time of huge upheaval in the health service, when waiting times are rising and trusts are being asked to make £20 billion of efficiency savings, this is another concerning distraction. The priority of the Government, hospital trusts and clinicians should be NHS patients."
Shadow health minister Jamie Reed said: "At a time when staff are losing their jobs and waiting times are rising, the Government's priority should be sorting out the mess it has created in our NHS. Under David Cameron we're seeing a rampant commercialisation of the NHS. He needs to get a grip and start focusing on patients, not profits."
But Health Minister Anne Milton said the project would benefit both UK patients and the British economy. She said: "This is good news for NHS patients, who will get better services at their local hospital as a result of the work the NHS is doing abroad and the extra investment that will generate."
The initiative would mirror schemes such as that of Moorfields Eye Hospital in London, which has built a unit of the same name in Dubai.
Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai opened in July 2007 to provide private eye care services to patients from the Middle East, many of whom would previously have had to travel further afield for treatment. A hospital spokeswoman said that the branch generated revenues of £4.9 million in 2011/12 and made a surplus of £300,000.

Flack shocked by Styles backlash

Caroline Flack has been named as an ambassador for the Teenage Cancer Trust
Caroline Flack has been named as an ambassador for the Teenage Cancer Trust
Caroline Flack has admitted she was shocked by the reaction to her relationship with One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles.
The 32-year-old Xtra Factor TV presenter briefly dated the 18-year-old singer and has opened up to Look magazine about their relationship, which provoked a strong reaction from One Direction fans.
Caroline said: "I'm surprised - it's tough. I didn't kill someone, I just went out with someone younger.
"But there have been more positive reactions than negative ones."
But the TV presenter - who has just been named as an official ambassador for Teenage Cancer Trust alongside Liam and Noel Gallagher, Kasabian, Edith Bowman and Eddie Redmayne - doesn't want to forget the time she had with Harry.
She said: "I wouldn't edit anything out of my life. I learnt the hard way that the easiest thing is to keep it to myself.
"With the whole Harry situation, about 95 per cent of what was written was false. I didn't really know where to begin.
"But I've developed thicker skin and become more hardened to it. I don't get as upset as I used to, but I'm still human."

Monday, August 20, 2012

TOWIE’s Diags: I’d take on JLS with my own condom line

On TOWIE this week Chloe Sims revealed to Lauren Pope that she'd marry Diags in five years if she hadn't found anyone better looking. We think that's a complement…

But it doesn't look like Joey Essex's best mate needs much help… he already plans to have his face on condom packets around the UK!

When he came into omg! HQ the reality TV star told us: "I would release some diagonal condoms, 100 per cent — I wouldn't mind doing that. I could release four or five different sets with my face on it — it would probably put people off sex.
"I'm not sure Joey and Tom would get on board with it they weren't happy going to the STI clinic with me let alone releasing condoms."
While Chloe may be in two minds as to whether she'd date Diags, there are plenty of girls who are keen as the star told us: "People seem to be a lot more interested in who you are [when you're on TOWIE] you can have a lot of fun."
Wink, wink!
And in case you needed more proof of the heartthrob Diags is becoming Lauren Pope had her say when we met her last night at the Total Recall premiere.
She told us: "I don't need to PR Diags to you. Do you know how many women he has?
"In Marbella me and Chloe wanted to hang out with him and he'd be like 'stop it, I'm hanging out with girls."
Watch out Mark Wright, Diags is coming to steal your crown…

Tom Daley and One Direction’s Liam Payne have a quiff off

The One Direction boys made clear they were big Tom Daley fans during the Olympics.
Tom Daley and Liam Payne are new BFFs. Copyright [Twitter]
And after seeing this snap of the diver and 1D star Liam Payne we reckon he should audition for a sixth place in the band.
Tom and Liam looked like new BFFs as they posed together last night after the bronze medalist recorded The Jonathan Ross show.
Tom tweeted: "@Real_Liam_Payne and I last night :)" alongside the snap of the pair looking all chummy.
And by the looks of things the duo were trying to out-do each other in the quiff stakes - with both boys showing off a sizeable flick.

Liam stood up for the 18-year-old when he was subject to horrible abuse on Twitter after his dives early on in the Olympics.
The One Direction star tweeted: "@TomDaley1994 ignore them dikheads mate we all sat and watched you today and we thought u did incredible."
Meanwhile Liam's girlfriend Danielle Peazer is also getting in on the Tom Daley love-in, after she cosied up to him last night too.
Liam's girlfriend said she was getting diving lessons from the bronze medalist. Copyright [Twitter]
She tweeted: "Really excited about the diving lesson I'm gonna have from my new, apparently he's pretty good" alongside a snap of the three of them.
And they're not the only One D couple to have shown their love for the athlete - with Louis Tomlinson and girlfriend Eleanor Calder making an appearance to cheer him on at the diving last week.
The pair had a snog and couldn't take their hands off each other as they watched the action at the Aquatics Centre in the Olympic Park.

Downton Abbey love tangle revealed

Rob James-Collier plays scheming valet Thomas in Downton Abbey
Rob James-Collier plays scheming valet Thomas in Downton Abbey
Downton Abbey star Rob James-Collier has revealed his character, cold-hearted valet Thomas, is to fall for the new boy who arrives on the staff.
It will be part of a complicated love tangle among the servants in the new series of ITV1's hit period drama, with heartbreak and scandal on the cards.
Scheming Thomas's suppressed homosexual feelings are aroused once again by the arrival of handsome new footman Jimmy Kent, played by Ed Speleers.
Rob revealed: "Thomas takes him under his wing and looks after him. Knowing Thomas and knowing he has a preference for a certain type of person in life, I think Jimmy fits that bill perfectly, if you know what I mean."
In the first series viewers saw Thomas make a pass at visiting Turkish diplomat, Kemal Pamuk, who was courting Lady Mary.
Speleers said of his new role: "Jimmy is a very ambitious man. He's vying for the position of first footman. He comes into it as a bit of a mystery man - no one really quite knows who he's into. But as the series develops he gets himself into a couple of sticky situations.
"He actually realises that in order to succeed he's got to keep in with Thomas, because Thomas is directly above him and a valet is what Jimmy aspires to be. He doesn't know what the viewers know - and have known for the last two series."
Flirty new scullery maid Ivy (Cara Theobold) takes a shine to Jimmy and is also being pursued by another new footman Alfred (Matt Milne).
Meanwhile, poor maid Daisy, played by Sophie McShera, who was left a war widow at the end of the last episode, falls head-over-heels for Alfred, who only has eyes for Ivy.
The highly-anticipated third series of the hit show begins on ITV1 in the autumn.

England hope to defy expectations

Steven Finn hopes England can pull off an unlikely victory against South Africa
Steven Finn hopes England can pull off an unlikely victory against South Africa
England insist they can defy expectations and pull off a famously unlikely victory after all against South Africa at Lord's on Monday.
The hosts were already up against it, to rewrite the history books in a chase of 346 to share the Investec series and salvage their world number one status, before losing both openers with only six runs on the board. But Andrew Strauss' team still believe they can upset the odds and turn their overnight 16 for two into an ultimate success against South Africa's powerhouse attack.
"As a team collectively over the last number of years, we've enjoyed breaking records and defying people's beliefs against us," said Steven Finn. "We've got a great opportunity to assert ourselves on the South Africans early - and we really do believe in the dressing room that we can win this game."
Finn is hoping he is not required to bat, at number 11, after giving his team at least a fleeting chance on the way to figures of four for 74 in the tourists' 351 all out - a total which owed much to Hashim Amla's 121.
The key, according to Finn, will be to simply stay in the game as long as possible - and then gather momentum with wickets still in hand.
He added: "It's going to be important we try to build partnerships, get our foot in the door and then later on in the day maybe we can smash through it and win the game.
"If we get later in the game, with what can be a tired bowling attack, we know that the older ball does a lot less than the new ball."
He acknowledges third-wicket pair Jonathan Trott and Ian Bell are likely to have to play a significant part, after the loss of captain Andrew Strauss and Alastair Cook to Vernon Philander.
He said: "The new ball is where it's dangerous. The two guys that are in have performed fantastically well for England for a long time....we hope they can build a big, long partnership.
"We have that belief in the dressing room. It's up to the batsmen to really knuckle down and get us into a position where we can win the game."

The week's style hits and misses