Tuesday, September 29, 2009

10 Reasons Not Have Kids Yet ... Or Ever

Cameron Diaz thinks your kids are bad for the environment.

Well, no, not really. But she told Cosmopolitan she thinks women shouldn’t be pressured into procreating or “shunned” for not having kids because “honestly, we don’t need anymore kids. We have plenty of people on

this planet already.”

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While we agree with Cameron that it’s b.s. women still get hassled for not raising rugrats, we can think of far better reasons than old Mother Nature for staying childless.

  1. If you were up last night at 3 a.m., it’s your own damn fault.
  2. Nothing in your closet has someone else’s barf on it. Or someone else’s poop.
  3. You don’t want to keep a spare, clean diaper or a baggie of Cheerios in your purse.
  4. You still want to wear a push-up bra—not a nursing bra.
  5. You can’t have that second mojito if you’re breast feeding.
  6. It’s probably a health hazard to carry around a 10lb baby in four-inch heels.
  7. You want to spend all morning in bed having sex…and all afternoon, too.
  8. You are the only one you want your guy calling a “baby.”
  9. You can blast Amy Winehouse or Lil’ Kim as loud as you want as you want, whenever you want.
  10. If something strange is leaking out of your vagina, it’s probably just because of your period.

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There’s lots of other reasons not to have kids just yet…what are some of your own?

-- Written by Jessica Wakeman at The Frisky

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