Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tips to Find Your Soul Mate

1. Stop Looking. Have you ever spent hours looking for something you've lost only to find it once you stopped looking? It's the same with soulmates. Once you stop trying so hard to find "the one" you're far more likely to find hi
m or her.

2. Stop Trying to Please People. This is especially true for many women, who often try so hard to make someone else happy that they lose themselves in the process. You want someone to love you for who YOU are, don't you? Not for becoming someone else.

3. Lose the Sleaze Factor. I've seen so many women shorten their hemlines, wear push-up bras, and sport low-cut tops, who then wonder why they attract the wrong men. I think a lot of women do these things out of fear that no one will find them attractive. Sure, you'll attract people this way, but rarely ever the right type of person.
4. Improve Yourself. I met my husband when I "gave up" on men. I had decided to simply focus on "better-ing" myself. Et voila! He showed up when I least expected it…but was at my best.
5. Stop Creating Grocery Lists of What You Want in Another Person. That might work fine for groceries, but the love of your life should be so much more than a list of characteristics and attributes. Not to mention that so many people put ridiculous things like wealth, height, and other fairly shallow requirements on their list of expectations for their future mate. You wouldn't want to miss the love of your life because he or she is a few inches shorter than you wanted, now would you?

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