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iOS 6 features - Apple iPhone 5
After Apple’s iOS 6 software announcement at WWDC this week, the release expected for the Apple iPhone 5 is bursting at the seams with new features.
iOS 6 is currently downloadable in Beta testing phase and will be available for general release in Autumn. Does this provide Apple fans with enough juice to prevent a switch to the recently released Samsung Galaxy S3 or HTC One X? Given there are over 200 new features in iOS 6, there’s plenty of good reasons to wait for the Apple iPhone 5 UK release later this year.  If you own the current iPhone, don’t panic as the Apple iPhone 4S deals with many of the new iOS 6 features. Here’s the best features of iOS 6.


Siri for iOS 6 looks set to upgrade his IQ to the brim with that essential knowedge we need in our lives. Now available for the New iPad, as well as the Apple iPhone 5, Siri can respond to you on the latest news of your favourite sports team, movie reviews and recommended restaurants. Siri can even launch apps for you, if you ask him kindly enough.

Facebook Integration

Apple iPhone fans are finally going to get the Facebook integration they’ve dreamed of for iOS. The camera app now lets you share instantly to Facebook, whilst Siri can update your latest status for you. With the option to synch your Facebook calendar with iOS 6, you’ll never miss a friend’s birthday again!
There’s also deeper Facebook integration within the iOS App Store as your friends download history helps to offer greater app recommendations. After inputting your Facebook account on the Apple iPhone 5, you can choose to have all future app downloads automatically log in with Facebook to save you time.


iOS 6 will be ditching Google Maps to offer their own custom mapping service. With turn by turn navigation and accurate arrival times thanks to TomTom integration, the Apple iPhone 5 becomes a great driving companion for when you’re hitting the road hard. iOS 6 can use UK Local Search to drive you straight to the nearest petrol station, restaurant or whatever you need as Siri talks you through it one direction at a time.
Even when not driving, the iOS 6 Maps feature lets you explore the world with stunning aerial views, that let you soar high above the skyscrapers. This will look fantastic upon the Retina Display of the New iPad.


Apple’s own way of video calls has expanded beyond Wi-Fi networks. Handsets with iOS 6 functionality such as the Apple iPhone 5, will be able to load Facetime over cellular connections. We think this will be perfect for the iPhone 5, when 4G connectivity is rolled out across the UK.Facetime for the iPad explained.
 Facetime on iOS 6 - Apple iPhone 5

Advanced voicemail

If you have an incoming call but can’t answer, you can quickly respond with an iMessage or SMS using preset options such as “I’ll call you later” or “I’m on my way”. It’s a great way to communicate in seconds.
In addition to this feature, you can set a time or location-based reminder, such as when you arrive at work, and the Apple iPhone 5 iO6 feature will prompt you to make the call back.

Do Not Disturb

Switching on this feature can give you peace and quiet from those manic phone calls as your iOS 6 iPhone works in silent mode. For advanced features, you can make exceptions to the rule who will ring as normal or set “Quiet Hours” for when your iPhone 5 will automatically enter the Do Not Disturb phase; perfect for a peaceful sleep!

Find My iPhone

Should the worst happen and you lose your iPhone 5, New iPad or iPod Touch, iOS 6 locate and protect your missing device. Using Lost mode, your missing device can report back to you where it has travelled using iOS 6 Maps.

Find My Friends

If your friends share their locations with you via their iPhone device, iOS 6 uses Maps to offer location-based alerts to notify you of how far they are away. It’s a great way to stay connected with your loved ones and may let you keep in touch more.

Apple iPhone 5 UK release

Those eager to try out these features, can download the Beta version of iOS 6. With a proposed Autumn date for the official launch of the newest software upgrade, it is highly likely that the new Apple iPhone 5 will coincide with this launch. It would be foolish to launch the iPhone 5 on iOS 5 or a Beta version of iOS 6, so expect to see the Apple iPhone 5 price up in the shops, rolling the latest iOS 6 in September time; ready to be unwrapped for Christmas.
What do you think of the latest iOS 6 features. Are you excited for the Apple iPhone 5 UK release? Let us know your thoughts on our Facebook page.

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