Friday, June 29, 2012

Vestiaire Collective: How To Get Parisian Chic Designer Fashion at a Bargain Price!

Charlotte Olympia shoes Charlotte Olympia shoes
Do you love a bargain price tag hanging from your latest designer fashion crush? Do you like the idea of hand-selecting amazing second hand pieces, but in reality find eBay or a dusty jumble sale too much like hard work, taking hours to sift through the duds to find gold at the end of the rainbow? We know we sometimes do. Luckily then, a genius idea from across the Channel - VESTIAIRE COLLECTIVE is here to help vous. Basically, it’s the unique site, nay, a consumer to consumer platform. Or, to put it more simply – where very cool people sell their pristine cast-offs.
Marni dressMarni dress
Vestiaire meaning wardrobe, from the phrase ‘my friends’ wardrobe’ or collective wardrobe would mean in an ideal world, you’d have access to all sorts of cool women’s wardrobes, like a sort of digital army of trendy big sisters. In reality, you can buy pieces by such French fashion hero brands as Isabel Marant Etoile, Sandro, Chloe, Maje, Vanessa Bruno Athe, big name designers from Marni to Marc by Marc and even vintage Chanel and Louis Vuitton. All the items are checked and verified (so no moody Chinese handbags from Albert Square market place allowed), or as they say in their own words; all items sold ‘must be in perfect condition, regarded as on trend, in season, and deemed desirable. They also have a strong emphasis on quality control and a zero tolerance regarding counterfeit goods. All products sold through Vestiaire Collective are edited, manually checked, authenticated and guaranteed to arrive as described: genuine, clean, beautifully packaged and ready to enjoy!’
Chanel handbagChanel handbag
The site was started by a lovely Parisian lady, who sounds rather intimidatingly chic. It all began in ‘the spring of 2008 when fashion lover, Virginie, the wife of co founder Sébastien Fabre, realised that the wardrobe in her chic Parisian apartment was full of unworn clothes, packed with some of the most beautiful fashion labels’ hmm, not a problem Grazia Daily ever have. Anyway...
‘She realised that she should sell many of the gems she rarely or never wore but there was no platform that allowed her to do this. And so Vestiaire de Copines came to her husband’s mind. What followed was the creation of Vestiaire de Copines by a team of 6 co-founders.’ If this sounds like you, however, (the wardrobe stuffed with mint condition Marc Jacobs and American Retro) then why not check out the site, become a member and get makin’ money? The rest of us will be on there snapping up the goodies! How magnifique!

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