Sunday, October 21, 2012

Did Zayn Malik cheat on Rebecca Ferguson? We hope not

In 2010 X Factor finalists Rebecca Ferguson and Zayn Malik shocked us all when it emerged that they were dating.
Rebecca has claimed that all the men in her life have cheated on her. [Copyright Wenn]

The whirlwind romance between the two singers came to an end after three months with both parties amicably parting ways.
However, in an interview with The Mirror, Rebecca- perhaps inadvertently- has blamed the end of her relationship with the One Direction singer on his infidelity.
Talking about past relationships, Rebecca stated she was done with men as in her experience all they do is cheat.
She said: "I am a bit done with men, for now anyway. I am yet to find one faithful. I don't know why boys are like that. I think I am too nice with them and let them get away with murder."
Rebecca doesn't have a lot of good things to say about Zayn. [Copyright Wenn]
So although she didn't openly label Zayn Malik as a cheat, she didn't exactly specify if he wasn't either.
When asked about Zayn, Rebecca Ferguson seems to think very little of their time spent together.
She said: "I was 24 then and I'd had two kids and other relationships so remember I'd had a lot of life experience before that. He's a footnote in my life maybe."
A footnote? Ouch.
Rebecca Ferguson went on to say that although she has been thorough a lot of heartbreak in her life, the experiences helped her write her platinum selling album 'Heaven'.
She said: "It is heartbreaking to feel that I have been let down like that. But you know what? I have written a bloody good album on the back of it. I have been in love loads. I'm terrible for it. I fall in love at the drop of a hat."

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