Monday, October 22, 2012

Lily Allen is over her feud with Cheryl Cole, that only took five years

Lily Allen has admitted that she no longer has bad feelings toward Cheryl Cole.
Lily no longer holds a grudge over Cheryl, which is nice. [Copyright Wenn]

Glad you got there in the end Lily.
The two singers famously waged a war of words against each other in 2007 with Lily describing Cheryl's band, Girls Aloud, as a bad influence on their younger fans.
Cheryl Cole on the other hand branded Lily 'a chick with a d***', so Lily may have had a point there.
Talking to The Sun, Lily Allen has now admitted that since becoming a Mother, she no longer holds the same views.
She told the paper: "I might have said a certain pop group were a bad influence on girls but now I think it's probably more my responsibility to deal with my daughter rather than a band."
Lily has grown up a lot since 2007. [Copyright Wenn]
"When I first started out in my career, I made quite a lot of controversial statements. I don't regret anything I've ever said because it's all part of growing up and I believed it at the time."
However, it seems that Cheryl's fans still haven't forgiven Lily for her remarks about the 'Call my Name' singer.
"I said something about Cheryl Cole years ago and her fans are still giving me a hard time on Twitter. But as you get older, you gain more knowledge."
"So when I get abuse from Cheryl Cole fans now, I don't take it to heart, because they're 12, so it doesn't matter, and in a way I find it quite sweet that these kids feel that passionately about someone."
Lily Allen retired from music in 2010 to have a family.
The temptation of the recording studio did however prove too much this year after she recorded duet 'True Love' with Pink on her latest album 'The Truth about Love'.

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