Monday, October 1, 2012

Liam Payne is dating Leona Lewis?! *picks jaw up from keyboard*

Liam Payne is reportedly seeing Leona Lewis.
Leona and Liam? Really? Honestly?! Copyright: [wenn]

*check eyes*
Yes, you did read that correctly — Liam Payne is believed to be dating, hooking up with, Mr Lover Lovering X Factor winner Leona Lewis!
Feel free to pick your jaw back up off the keyboard before we continue.
Yes, despite Liam only having been single for a few days and Leona being eight years his senior, a 'close family source' told The Sun the pair are getting on just great!
The source told the paper: "As soon as the chance came to ask her out he grabbed it — and they really enjoyed their dates together."

So it would seem that Harry Styles isn't the only member of the band with a penchant for the older ladies!
The source continued: "Although they were in London they managed to stay out of the limelight and are really into each other."
However we want to know how would Liam have even found the time to fit in a date since splitting up with Danielle Peazer last week?
Liam has only just split up with Danielle. Copyright: [wenn]
We knew Liam was single and all that after the boys' appearance on Chatty Man, but we did expect him to remain that way for at least… well, a few days at least!
Plus, if it is true then it must be a dream come true for Liam who admitted in January, "My celebrity crush has got to be Leona Lewis... love Leona Lewis."
Whats more if it is true, who knew Leona Lewis was such a cougar? Miaow!

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