Monday, October 1, 2012

TOWIE’s Mario and Lucy: ‘Amy Childs is only known for sticking plastic on people’s vaginas’

Lucky Mecklenburgh and Mario Falcone have slammed their former TOWIE costar Amy Childs, saying she was only known for 'sticking plastic on vaginas'.
We get the feeling Mario and Lucy aren't the biggest Amy Childs fans. Copyright: [wenn]

Yes, the new series of TOWIE hasn't even begun yet and already there is drama brewing in Essex!
Lucy told the Daily Star on Sunday: "You know what makes me laugh about Amy is, she slags off TOWIE all the time and says we should be axed."

"And then she hears there could be a movie and she says she'd love to do it."
And Lucy went on to say that if a TOWIE movie is on the horizon, then Amy better butt out.
"She is so rude and disrespectful. She left so long ago and the show is doing so much better now. I don't think she should have an opinion," Lucy told the paper.
Lucy reckons Amy shouldn't be in the TOWIE movie. Copyright: [wenn]
Mario then jumped in saying how Amy was a fool to leave the show and how he found it 'ironic' when Amy commented that he and Lucy didn't get any good story lines.
Mario says: "Amy's problem is she forgets where she came from. She left TOWIE and she fell flat on her face".
"She said Lucy, Lauren, Chloe and I should be axed because we have run out of storylines, which is ironic seeing as her only storyline was sticking bits of plastic on people's vaginas."
At which point we would just like to interrupt and suggest that we are pretty those were sequins and not plastic.
The new series of TOWIE starts tonight at 10pm on ITV2 and we actually don't think we could be any more excited, vajazzles or no vajazzles.

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