Monday, July 9, 2012

Kate and Pippa look divine at Wimbledon, we want to be a Middleton sister

As if the Wimbledon final wasn't exciting enough, Kate and Pippa Middleton then decide to make an appearance.
Kate Middleton and Pippa Middleton at WimbledonKate and Pippa Middleton both looked gorgeous at Wimbledon today. Copyright [Getty]As the nation bite their nails with Andy Murray in the final of Wimbledon, Kate Middleton and her sister Pippa Middleton decided to drop by to Centre Court to watch the game up close.
And don't the Middleton sisters look utterly divine? Kate Middleton looked as stunning as ever, dressed in a white jacket and matching dress, with her hair in trademark shiny, bouncy waves.
Pippa Middleton looked equally as gorge, wearing a floral print top.
Kate and Pippa MiddletonKate and Pippa laughed and chatted as they waited for the match to start. Copyright [Getty]The girls giggled and chatted as they waited for Andy Murray and Roger Federer to take to the court.
And once the game began, they looked tense and excited, cheering loudly each time Murray won a point.
Kate Middleton at WimbledonThe Duchess of Cambridge looked gorgeous in a white ensemble. Copyright [Getty]It's the second time the Duchess of Cambridge has watched Andy Murray play in Wimbledon.
Just last week she took her place in the Royal Box to watch his quarter final match. For this game, she donned a knitted Alexander McQueen dress previously seen on her Canada trip last year.
Kate and Pippa Middleton at Wimbledon today. Copyright [PA]Pippa Middleton also attended Wimbledon in the first week, accompanied by her brother James.

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