Friday, July 13, 2012

1920s style this summer

With the runaway success of 'The Artist' last year and the remake of 'The Great Gatbsy' coming in the autumn, more and more of us have been captivated by the 1920s.
It was a decade of incredible social change, particularly for women.
Stylistically, this was the era of the flapper. It saw women throw away their corsets and raise the hemlines of the dresses that had been brushing the floor ten years before. The female form was now draped in flowing fabrics, tailored dresses and shirt and skirt combinations. Silks and chiffons became more popular and these wispy materials seemed to fit in with the air of freedom that surrounded the times.
At the moment on the high street, shops like Zara are offering some delightful outfits like this flapper dress, which is smart, cool and chic and has enough of a 1920s feel to it, but still retains some modernity. At £39.99, this is a steal. To go all out, you'd need to team it with some white tights and a pair of heels or light-coloured sandals, and perhaps a long string of pastel coloured faux pearls. From my own wardrobe I have a beautiful pair of new "vintage" white heeled shoes (pictured) which would go perfectly with this dress. I picked them up from eBay at under £15 and they have the right feel to match up with this outfit very well.
Black vintage heels.

Topshop has a wonderful peplum blouse in an eye-catching shade of green. Very Clara Bow in styling and fabulously flirty, it could be teamed with a simple short black skirt for office wear or with a lovely pair of crisp white linen trousers or skirt for a sophisticated daytime casual look. Perfect for doing the Charleston in. To go with this blouse and skirt/trousers combination, I would wear my vintage black high heeled shoes (pictured) which are 1920s-inspired and again were picked up from eBay, this time for just under £10.

Jasper Conran grey felt cloche hat.
If a top-to-toe outfit is too much, or you feel shy of so much light, floaty fabric, take a look at some accessories instead. The era offers much inspiration, with Items like cloche hats, headbands, strings of pearls and neat high heels all the rage.
Accessorize have a beautiful straw cloche in store at the moment which is perfect for summer and emulates the original hat of the 1920s perfectly. This would also team up perfectly with the Zara dress.

White vintage shoes.
I have a grey cloche hat (pictured) that was picked up from the Jasper Conran collection at Debenhams and was priced at £16. This hat was worth every single penny; it's a sturdy construction, has beautiful sequin detailing on it and is smart enough to wear for any social gatherings I might go to. It's suitable for both summer and winter and fits with a number of different items I already have in my wardrobe already.
Whether you want to dip your toe in the water and experiment slightly with the fashions or go the whole way and get yourself a fabulous flapper dress to dance the night away in, there's something for everyone. The important thing is to have fun, and like the decade itself, don't take it all too seriously!

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