Monday, November 5, 2012

Celebrities support superstorm Sandy victims

Bon Jovi and Christina Aguilera were among many stars the televised hurricane Sandy concert (© AP)
A whole host of A-list stars have come out to support those affected by last week’s devastating superstorm Sandy, which swept across several states on the east coast of America. Hundreds of thousands were touched by the storm, with many left without electricity and water and some rendered homeless. Over 100 people have so far been confirmed dead as a result of the worst storms to hit America in decades.
The American Red Cross joined forces with NBC over the weekend to put on a live televised concert – Hurricane Sandy: Coming Together – which included guest appearances from Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Christina Aguilera, Billy Joel, Steven Tyler, Mary J Blige, Tina Fey, Danny DeVito and Whoopi Goldberg.
The TV appeal, hosted by The Today Show’s Matt Lauer, raked in almost $23 million, which will all go towards helping those affected by the storm and the re-building of the worst hit areas of the US. Bon Jovi performed an unplugged version of Living On A Prayer, while Steven Tyler, Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen sang a rendition of Under The Boardwalk, to raise awareness of the New Jersey coastline that was one of the worst hit areas.
Christina Aguilera, who hails from New York, took to the stage during the telethon for a touching performance of her hit Beautiful.
Ben Stiller was spotted helping out at a shelter in New York (© PA)
Away from the TV screen, Ben Stiller was spotted helping out at a shelter in Brooklyn, New York, serving food to those in need.
He tweeted: “Lots of respect for all the people working at homeless shelters and those still not able to get home or power. @NYCDHS
Alec Baldwin is also said to have visited New York University students at their shelter following their evacuation last week.
Lady Gaga has helped to raise awareness of those hit by the storm by sharing an unreleased demo she wrote when she was 16, entitled No Floods. The singer’s track has been online since 2009 but she has shared it again in honour of those who were impacted in her home city New York, including her family.
"I wrote this song when I was 16. so weird to hear it now because of hurricane. 'NO FLOODS' hope this will cheer u up,” she tweeted to her millions of Twitter followers.
The Born This Way singer has also promised to help those in her native city as soon as she has a spare moment in her busy tour schedule.
Plenty of other celebrities have shown their support on Twitter over the past few days, sending their wishes and urging people to help by donating money.
Denise Richards tweeted: ‘Love & prayers to those devastated by the hurricane… please help by texting REDCROSS to 09000 to donate $10 to disaster relief #Sandy.”
Katy Perry said: “Sending east coasters light and love. Especially light!”
She later followed up with: “You've sent love and light to the East Coast. Now it's time to send warm meals and shelter! Text RED CROSS To 90999 to donate $10 now.”
Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria has used Twitter to share the stories of others, by retweeting people who have helped out in the aftermath of the hurricane. She has also been urging people to donate to the various charities that are providing aid to those who need it the most.
“God bless all the emergency crews and volunteers who are working hard on the east coast! #SandyHelp,” Eva posted.
British star Ricky Gervais, who now lives in the US, helped to raise awareness of an unofficial New York marathon that took place. Over a thousand people took part by running four laps of Central Park, and he was there to support them.
“In Central Park watching all the runners just doing the marathon anyway. Brilliant. Hope everyone who sponsored for charity still pays up,” he posted.

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