Thursday, November 8, 2012

Rita Ora suffers nip slip on stage, cringe

It's happened to the best of performers. From Nicki Minaj to Madonna.
Rita OraRita Ora suffered an awkward nip slip. Copyright [WENN]And last night, poor Rita Ora suffered a cringeworthy nip slip as she performed on stage.
And it's not as though Rita was strutting her stuff in a little venue where no one really saw. She was only at blimmin' Wembley Arena.
Serious cringe.
Rita OraRita Ora looked amazing during her gig. Copyright [WENN]Rita was wearing a white jumpsuit with the zip pulled right down at the front - and it seems that in her flurry to get on stage and strut her stuff, she forgot to put her bra on.
But she can be forgiven, seeing as Rita was actually zooming all over London - after her performance at Wembley she then motorbiked to the 02 arena for another show.
She even tweeted a snap of herself next to the motorbike, sporting a stylish crash helmet.
Rita OraRita Ora was performing two gigs last night - and jumped on a motorbike between them! Copyright [Rita Ora]She tweeted the photo alongside the caption:"ON MY WAY TO MY SECOND SHOW OF THE NIGHT!! THIS IS HOW WE ROLL!! #SYLTONUM1 #CULTURECLASH."
Following her second performance, Rita took to Twitter again to tell fans she was (understandably) a bit knackered.
The singer said: "'Goodnight! 2 shows in a row I'm done. i need sleep. goodnight!"
Well, we reckon after two shows and a recent tour of America, AND a succession of number one singles, Rita Ora's nip slip is probably the last thing on her mind.

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