Monday, November 5, 2012

Tess Daly gets boobs out on Strictly Come Dancing, new Holly Willoughby alert?

Tess Daly is known for her amazing figure - she was a model, after all - and we're used to seeing her flaunting her long legs and flat stomach.
Tess DalyTess Daly flaunted her impressive cleavage last night. Copyright [BBC]However, this weekend on Strictly Come Dancing, Tess Daly drew attention to her boobs - so much so that it actually reminded us of Holly Willoughby's daring ensembles when she was hosting Dancing on Ice.
Tess Daly looked amazing in a bright red dress with a low V neckline which showed her cleavage to perfection.
The dress also featured a very daring split up the front - cue us gawping/staring/girl crushing.
Tess DalyTess Daly usually favours higher necklines. Copyright [Rex]Back to the boobs, though - Tess' cleavage sent Twitter into an absolute flurry, with viewers questioning whether the Strictly host has had a boob job.
One tweeter said: "Has Tess Daly always had big boobs? Where have they come from?"
Another commented: "Has Tess Daly overinflated her boobs this week?"
Holly WilloughbyHolly Willoughby was the queen of daring necklines during Dancing on Ice. Copyright [Rex]A spokesman for Tess Daly refused to comment on the boob job rumours last night.
However, we don't think Tess has resorted to surgery - we're just used to seeing her more covered up as she usually favours high necklines and glamorous full-length gowns.
But if she keeps up these cleavage-flashing ensembles, then we reckon she could very well steal Holly Willoughby's Best Boobs on TV crown.

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