Friday, November 2, 2012

Rihanna gets her boobs out on Twitter. Standard.

We were a bit concerned yesterday when we saw that Rihanna had dressed all demurely for Halloween.
RihannaRihanna got her boobs out on Twitter. Standard. Copyright [Rihanna]However, it seems that things are back to normal, with Rihanna tweeting a topless photo of herself last night.
Phew, for a moment there we thought Rihanna was going all tame on us.
RiRi got her boobs out in a sultry Twitpic, and she does look amaze.
RihannaRihanna during her Halloween night out. Copyright [Rihanna]The picture shows Rihanna in bed wearing a green veil (we think that's left over from her Halloween costume,) with a finger suggestively in her mouth and her arm just about covering up her boobs.
The star posted the photo after her huge Halloween party, alongside the caption: "The morning after. Happy November!"
RihannaRihanna opened her party in this demure outfit. Copyright [Splash/WENN]She looks THIS HOT after a night out? No smudged makeup or dodgy PJs or remnants of a McDonalds scattered about the place?
Rihanna also looked amazing the night before as well. She opened her party in a black skirt and top, before changing into a green dress, stockings and suspenders.
Chris Brown, on the other hand, chose to turn up to Rihanna's Halloween party dressed up as a terrorist. Charming.
Rihanna, we're really struggling to see what the attraction is there. Please ditch him.

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