Friday, November 2, 2012

‘X Factor will END after next year’ says Simon Cowell’s best pal Sinitta

Sinitta has revealed that Simon Cowell has said that X Factor will be axed after one more series.
Sinitta says Simon will can the show after ten years. Copyright: [wenn]

In true Sinitta fashion, she let slip in an interview with Closer magazine that Simon had always planned to end the show after ten years.
So there will be one more after this current series and then that will be it.
She says: "I'm told next year is going to be the last. It'll have been ten years."

And Simon is her bezzie mate, so we imagine she has only the best sources.
If this is true then this makes us very sad, just what will we do with our Saturday nights?!
Sinitta let slip in an interview that Simon is planning to can X Factor. Copyright: [wenn]
We might have to *gasp* GO OUT! God forbid!
What will Dermot do? He can't just suddenly start ordering Chinese takeaways and watching Casualty after ten years!
And we dread to think what might happen to Louis Walsh without X Factor.
However, it is true to say that although we are loving it, this series of X Factor isn't doing as well as others.
Pretty much week on week it is facing a thrashing from Strictly Come Dancing in the ratings war and we are worried that this could be pushing Simon's decision.

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