Wednesday, August 22, 2012

David Beckham steals Victoria’s posing crown in new behind-the-scenes video

Victoria Beckham is supposed to be the fashionista but it appears hubby, David is muscling in on the action as he's perfected his modeling pose in a special behind-the-scenes video on the shoot of his new fragrance, The Essence.
david beckhamDavid Beckham worlks that pout in the new video. Copyright [YouTube/Coty]

WATCH the behind-the-scenes video for David Beckham The Essence shoot

The video shows how David Beckham has taken the VB approach to smiling — which is keeping your lips straight but when you're as beautiful as David you can most certainly pull it off!
david beckhamFancy taking us for a spin David? [Copyright: YouTube/Coty]
Initially we see the footballer suited and booted as he smolders to the screen with his wedding ring proudly on display, he then makes two costume changes and looks even fitter — if that's humanly possible?
david beckhamFinaly we get to see that sexy smile, phew! [Copyright: YouTube/Coty]
Becks upped the masculinity stakes as he posed on a motorbike doing his 'thinky face' with a pout his wife would be very jealous of.
david beckhamAnd we get to check out his hot bod too... [Copyright: YouTube/Coty]
Although fear not, he dose crack a fair few smiles that will defiantly raise the corner of your mouth too!
david beckhamSuited and booted and looking buff there Becks! [Copyright: YouTube/Coty]
We're also treated to some profile pics and not just that we do get to witness that hot torso... even if it is when he's changing out of his t-shirt.
David BeckhamStrike a pose! David is a pro at modelling now. [Copyright: YouTube/Coty]
There are up close looks, and a whole host of sexy ones too — we literally cannot wait for this ad campaign to start…

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