Tuesday, August 21, 2012

EXCLUSIVE: Keith Lemon: Tulisa didn’t mind my spoof of her sex tape

When Tulisa's sex tape was leaked she admitted to feeling humiliated and depressed, and we'd imagine that people taking the mick wouldn't have helped the situation.
Tulisa and Keith LemonTulisa didn't mind Keith Lemon taking the mick out of her. Copyright [WENN]However, Keith Lemon told us exclusively today that Tulisa actually didn't mind his spoof of her sex tape, and in fact said she understood why he'd done it.

Keith Lemon popped into Yahoo! omg! HQ to celebrate our birthday with us, and he said: "We did a spoof of her home video and I saw her and I thought she was going to say something about it. But she didn't mention it, and then she said: "I'm not bothered, you're a comedian. I understand, and then we got on with it and got p***** up."
Keith went on to show his sensitive side, slamming Tulisa's ex boyfriend for selling the footage: "I think it's horrible that she did it and that lad sold it. I didn't think badly of her. Most girls suck d***, but don't film it. She was in a relationship. Horrible he sold it. What a w*****."
Keith LemonKeith Lemon popped into the office and showed off his pants. Copyright [Yahoo! omg!]Tulisa's also found herself in the middle of a fresh media storm after her Twitter spat with Lord Sugar over the weekend.
He asked what she'd done to earn her place on The X Factor judging panel, and Keith Lemon couldn't wait to have his say on the matter.
He revealed: "Well maybe he just don't know N Dubz. She shouldn't have been bothered. She should have laughed and said: "I was in N Dubz."

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