Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Kim Kardashian finally stops sharing bikini photos, oh wait, she’s in a swimsuit now

Kim Kardashian's obsession with giving us body envy on a daily basis by sharing photos of her in a bikini appeared to have ended — that was until the swimsuit snaps emerged.
kim kardashianKim Kardashian finally shared a snap of her in something other than a bikini. Copyright [Instagram/Kim Kardash …

Last night Kim Kardashian shared a stunning shot of her looking like a Bond girl while stylishly squatting over some rocks with her hair slicked backed into a high pony and a tight stripped top wetly clinging to her curves.

This image formed part of a collection of images showing the gorgeous star and her killer body and the shots kept on coming…
The brunette beauty put on a camel coloured monokini, arched her back and continued with the wet and wild look as she captioned this, "Rock climbing lol"
kim kardashianThe Bond girl poses continued... Copyright [Instagram/Kim Kardashian]
And if that wasn't enough to get you signing up to the gym, Kim also shared yet more swimwear photos on Monday — this time she grouped four shots together.
kim kardashianOne pic isn't enough for Kimmy K, it has to be four in one! [Copyright: Instagram/Kim Kardashian]
Two of which saw her in a cut out one piece and the other featured PVC swimwear that would make any man melt.
kim kardashianKim attempted to cover up in this retro swimsuit. [Copyright: Instagram/Kim Kardashian]
In another shot she stole a little style from the 50s with a full swimsuit complete with a frill around the bottom and a cute halter neck.
To finish things off the reality TV star oozed sexiness as she covered sand in all the right places.
kim kardashianKim gave us some swimsuit respite with this pic. [Copyright: Instgram/Kim Kardashian]
But if you tire of seeing her hot rockin' bod, you can always stare at her face, Kim also shared a close up of her in profile - nice!

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