Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Kate Middleton step aside, Prince Harry reigns supreme over Paralympics and is perfect gent

Kate Middleton may have been the golden girl of the Paralympics this week when she awarded the medals for the Men's Discus Throw but yesterday she handed the baton to Prince Harry.
prince harryPrince Harr played the part of perfect gent yesterday. [Copyright: PA]

And the hot red-head pulled things off with aplomb as he was the perfect gentleman at the games.

Despite Prince Harry's status he proved what a nice guy he is as he helped Team GB swimmer Hannah Russell into her seat — swoon!
And he wasn't playing up for the cameras either, it appears he was caught off guard in this chivalrous act.
prince harryThe royal fittie got pretty close to some of Team GB's female members. [Copyright PA]
But if that isn't enough to make you melt, the royal also took time to pose with several athletes in photos (with his clothes on this time).
As delighted girls got close to the prince he looked at ease and even allowed his forehead to touch the medal winners. Oh em gee!
prince harryThe games appeared to tire out Harry. [Copyright: PA]
Erm, we're well jel right now.
Although once the photos had stopped we spied Harry looking a little bored as he was flanked by officials instead of young, attractive girls.
prince harryThe royal soon cheered up though. [Copyright: PA]
Although ever the entertainer he pulled a joke out of the bag and made the group he was with for the women's Goalball burst into laughter.
Harry you're a legend!

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