Sunday, September 2, 2012

Kate Middleton supports Prince Harry’s naked photos, join the club!

Kate Middleton is reported to be supporting Prince Harry in the wake of the naked photos Vegas scandal.
Kate is believed to be supporting Haz. Copyright: [rex]

According to Look magazine, Kate is believed to have told Prince William to lay off his bro after he apparently gave him a bit of a laying into over the whole strip billiards incident.
William was probably just annoyed at how rubbish his brother is at billiards!

But absolutely big hoorah for Kate! We knew she was our type of girl.
A source told Look: "William called Harry straight away and gave him a bit of a telling off. But Kate pointed out he had already been through the ringer and deserved their sympathy.
Kate is looking out for her bro-in-law. Copyright: [rex]
Apparantly Kate has even come up with a plan to help Harry 'recover' from the public humiliation of clutching his under crackers on the front page of a national newspaper.
"She's promised to support him as much as possible and offered to help him come up with a recovery plan to get his public image back on track." The source says.
However, they also added that Harry is now just doing his best to move on from the whole scandal and concentrate on his helicopter pilot training even though that probably means more jokes at his expense!
"I think he'll be glad to be around his army mates, although they're bound to give him a ribbing over his antics, they'll also understand that getting naked and larking about is just laddish behaviour."
We agree and say lark away Harry, just don't forget to send us the photos!

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