Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Kate Middleton is back in her trusty tights, winter must be here!

Kate Middleton is back in her black opaques which can mean only one thing: winter is here.
It must be winter if Kate is back in her trust tights! Copyright: [rex]

After a summer of tanned pins, the Dutchess has fallen back on her wardrobe staple: trusty black tights, leading us to conclude there is no going back now, winter has officially begun.
Some people say it's the first frost on your car, we say it's the purchase of opaque tights.
And there is no bigger celeb fan than Kate Middleton who has supported the toasty trend pretty much every winter until about May.

Kate donned the first of this years' opaques for a trip with Wills to the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple, where they were on hand to give out some scholarships to selected lucky students.
It seemed, as ever, like the couple were having a fab time and were seen laughing and chatting with each other throughout the day.
In her first public outing since the Royal tour when *those* photos broke, Kate looked totally at ease and thrilled to be there.
We just REALLY want Kate's hairdressers' number, OK?! Copyright: [rex]
However, we reckon she was just thrilled with her amazing hair as per.
Judging by these snaps, the Dutchess is almost definitely in the midst of a massive smug LOL after catching a glimpse of her amazing bouncy 'do in a window.

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