Wednesday, October 10, 2012

US award for chart topper Adele

Adele has scored yet another music award for her hit Rolling In The Deep
Adele has scored yet another music award for her hit Rolling In The Deep
Adele has been honoured for her airplay success in the US after her hit Rolling In The Deep was one of the most frequently played songs on radio.
The track notched up 1.35 million performances in one six month period last year and to date has been broadcast more than two million times.
It was the most played song in the US in 2011 among artists registered with royalties body Broadcast Music Inc (BMI).
Other artists were recognised for reaching new milestones for their work at the annual BMI London Awards staged at the Dorchester Hotel.
Mark Hollis, the frontman of Talk Talk, was honoured for his song It's My Life receiving three million plays since it was first recorded and released in 1984. The track went on to greater success when it was covered by US band No Doubt, who accounted for much of the airplay. Mark, whose band still has huge cult appeal, has rarely made any public appearances since leaving the music business following his only solo album in 1998.
Dwina Gibb, the widow of Bee Gees star Robin who died earlier this year, attended the event to collect awards on behalf of her late husband's group. She and son RJ saw the group honoured for three million plays of Stayin' Alive and five million plays of How Can You Mend A Broken Heart.
Rolling In The Deep's two million plays since its release early last year are the equivalent of the song being performed back-to-back for more than 12 years.

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