Saturday, October 13, 2012

Kylie Minogue: the only celeb who can look classy in a see through dress

We wonder if Kylie Minogue knows that we can all basically her knickers?
Kylie is just too gorge, even if we can pretty much see her knickers. Copyright: [rex]

OK, so we assume she did check in a full length mirror before hitting the red carpet but still, it's not every day an A-lister pretty much shows off their undercrackers.
Especially while managing to look this hot while doing so.

Well, luckily it looks like Kylie slipped on a trusty leotard to cover much of her modesty.
Not that that means we can't see straight through it.
However, while we can see straight through it, we have to say we absolutely love it.
Especially teamed with Kylie's absolutely divine super natural make up and soft curls.
As we could have probably guessed, Kylie is the only lady who can show off her knickers and still manage to look the classiest girl on the red carpet.
And just where was Kylie looking so gorgeous? The New York Film Festival in er, New York.
However, see through lace is a pretty tricky trend to pull off, even for celebs.
Christina Aguilera recently gave the trend a fashion spin, however we're not sure she managed to pull it off *quite* as well as Kylie:Christina also recently rocked see through lace. Copyright: [rex/wenn]

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