Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Weather Might Be Standing Between You And Nice Nails

Buh bye, sunshine. Tropical Storm Danny will probably mean dark clouds for those of us in the Northeast for the next few days, but here's one reason to look on the bright side: According to scientists quoted in the Daily Mail today, slightly dreary weather promotes longer, stronger nails.

Researchers at Manchester University have discovered that nails thrive at 55-percent humidity, which makes usually-mild, often-overcast London an example of an ideal, healthy climate for nails. In sun-drenched and drier climates, nails are more likely to become brittle and breakable. In very humid climates, they get more bendable.

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Interesting. It makes sense that the weather would have a big effect on nails, when you think about what it does to our hair and skin. I'm curious: Where do you guys currently live, and what's the climate like there? Does the local climate impact your appearance in any noticeable way? Have you ever lived in a place that made your hair, skin and nails look and feel really different?

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