Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Can Kate Middleton look anything other than fabulous?

Oh Kate Middleton let us count the ways.
Further proof that a red carpet should just be permanently shoved under her feet, Kate looked absolutely stunning at last night's Royal Academy of the Arts reception.
Kate should have a red carpet under her at all times. Copyright: [rex]
Honestly, we think we must spend more time drooling over Kate than we do our own boyfriends.
We must fall in love with her a little bit more every single day.
Arriving by herself (who needs a man when you look this hot?) to the reception, Kate wasn't alone for long and was spotted chatting to Stella McCartney.

The event was to celebrate the very swanky Royal Academy of the Arts.
We feel like when she goes to something as classy as this we should probably start calling her the Dutchess of Cambridge.
She certainly looks like Royalty (well, she is now) rocking an elegant up 'do and perfect make up that we bet she probably did herself.
She did, after all, do her eye make-up herself at the Royal Wedding.
Kate was wearing some very sparkly earrings. Copyright: [rex]
Last night she lived up to her flawless reputation yet again with this amazing dove grey dress and a pair of very sparkly earrings.
We would hedge our bets those are probably worth more than our annual wage.
However, unlike lots of celebs who don't even wear the same knickers twice, K-Middy wore the same dress in LA last year.

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