Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Katy Perry wears cheeky peekaboo dress to promote Part of Me Movie

One of the (many) reasons we love Katy Perry is because of her cheeky, playful sense of style.
Katy PerryKaty Perry wore this cheeky dress to promote her film. And Katy Perry's fun fashion sense was no more apparent than in her choice of dress for the latest round of promotion for her new movie, Part of Me.

Katy Perry went for a cheeky peekaboo dress, with little slashes all the way down the front. The slashes revealed glimpses of cleavage and tummy button, and were generally much more daring than anything in our wardrobe.
Katy also showed off her brand new hair as well. She's ditched the long purple-tinged locks for a chic black bob.
Katy PerryKaty Perry showed off her amazing...err...assets in the dress. We reckon it's a look that suits Katy perfectly. But then again, she can pull off pretty much any hair style she chooses. This is the woman who's rocked blue, blonde and pink hair after all.
Katy Perry was in Brazil to promote her new movie, Part of Me. The star has jetted all over the place to appear at the premieres for the film.
Katy PerryKaty Perry also showed off a sleek new bob. However, she did manage to squeeze in a quick holiday where she flaunted more of her amazing body in a bikini.
But once this latest round of promotion for the film is over, Katy has promised she'll be taking a holiday.
The gorgeous singer revealed: "I swear, after this song, I'm taking a f**king vacation," Katy said.
"I have to say that I do a lot to sell my records," she said. "I do the right things… I work very hard! I like to sell out in all the best ways."

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