Thursday, August 2, 2012

The modern day Spice Girls? Welcome new girl group Vida

Question: If you mixed the brashness of the Spice Girls, the vocal power of Destiny's Child and the ambitious style of Cher Lloyd what do you get? Answer: New girl group on the block, Vida.
The street-savvy girls are set to burst into the charts with their debut single Boombox later this summer. But who the devil are these girls? And where have they appeared from?
MSN Music spent the morning trying to get a word in edgeways with the chatty group, digging for dirt about their time on tour with JLS, questioning what a pop-up toaster is (all will be explained) and talking about Vida's huge ambitions for the future.
Vida (© Outside Organisation)
The VIda girls are ready to hit the charts with single Boombox
"We just want to keep working hard really, because nothing's too much at the moment", Che3ks told MSN.
"I think because we've all had our own individual journeys, and believe me we've had our days, months, years where we struggled, I don't think we'll forget that any time soon."
With the X Factor hitting our screens again soon, and last year's winners Little Mix primed to climb the charts this summer, do the Vida girls view the Little Mix crew as a threat?
"I think we're so different. It's nice to see other girl groups coming out. It's like girl power!" Jade explained.
"Big up to them (Little Mix) for winning the X Factor because I know there's not been anyone else like them win", V.Vee said.
"I think they paved the path for a lot of girl groups to come. Right now there are a lot of girl groups coming out, but everyone's doing something different.
"We're about to take over - all the boys move aside."
Vida (© Outside Organisation)
“We’re about to take over – all the boys move aside”, V.Vee said
Mieow - boys take note! We wouldn't mess with these girls. Their determination is second to none - but it hasn't been instant success for the feisty foursome.
AJ explained: ": I put the band together in 2010."
"Myself and Che3ks are from Manchester - I hounded her on MySpace. She spat a few bars to me at a grime night, because I was looking for a rapper, and I was like 'Yep, she's amazing'".
"V.Vee and I had the same vocal coach so that's how we knew each other and Jade and I had done backing dancing together", Aj continued.
The group has come a long way since working the club scene, thanks to a certain member of JLS:
"Oritse came to watch one of our shows when we were doing the clubs, came backstage after the show and agreed to be our mentor!" AJ told MSN.
V.Vee continued: " I was so starstruck! I remember when we found out we might be touring with the boys (JLS) and everyone was going 'Oh my god, oh my god!'
"The tour was amazing."
Vida (© Outside Organisation)
MSN Music's Felicity met the Vida girls!
With comparisons to Little Mix flying around and working with JLS, would the girls ever have contemplated auditioning for the X Factor or The Voice?
Jade didn't think they would: "It's really good for the people who have done that, obviously JLS came from the X Factor. But for us, no.
"It wouldn't suit us to go down that route because we're so strong minded", she explained.
"They couldn't handle it. They'd be saying "do this" and we'd say no!" V.Vee joked.
"We'd go on stage and sing a different song! They'd be like 'I swear we didn't tell you to sing that!'"
With awards season just around the corner, the girls are thrilled to have been nominated for the Brand New for 2012 MTV award
"We're a very ambitious group", Jade said.
"We've also won our first award! An Urban Music Award which means the world to us!", AJ added.
So what do the girls foresee for Vida in a year's time?
"Ooooh! Definitely with a few top ten singles, an album... After supporting the JLS boys on tour, I think we would definitely like to have our own tour." AJ said.
Jade added: "That would be the dream"
To which Che3ks replied: "Oh my god yeah! We want our own pop-up toaster."
(For all of you as confused as we were at this remark, the girls explained this isn't a household item used to toast bread - but a piece of stage equipment used to launch popstars onto stage. "We want to be human bread", V.Vee giggled.)
For four girls just starting out in the daunting world of the music industry, Vida are sassy, determined and extremely talented. And my, they can talk!
We predict huge things for the fabulous foursome! Put your Vs up ladies!

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