Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Who is Britain's Greatest Modern Man?

Would David Beckham, Stephen Fry or Sir James Dyson get your vote for Birtain's Greatest Modern Man? (© Image © PA Archive - AP)
For the last few months MSN has been asking you, the general public, for your top nominations in various categories as part of our Britain's Greatest campaign.
Now, we want to know who gets your nomination for the accolade of greatest British man alive today.
Do you think it's David Beckham, who seems to have become our unofficial sporting ambassador? What about either of the famous Stephens: Fry and Hawking. Or perhaps you think it should be brilliant inventor Sir James Dyson.
It doesn't matter who you think it should be, the only criteria is that they need to be alive today. So let us know by emailing britainsgreatest@live.co.uk and we'll compile all your nominations into a top 25 list of the country's greatest British men, which we'll publish in August.
So what are you waiting for? Have your say now!

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