Friday, August 31, 2012

Diana remembered after 15 years on

Diana, Princess of Wales, has been remembered on the 15th anniversary of her death as a woman "with two hearts" - one for her and one for the people.
Scores of tributes, flowers, posters and cards were attached to the gates of Kensington Palace, all remembering Diana who died in a car crash in Paris in 1997. Many tourists, fans and passers-by took photos, read tributes and placed flowers by the gates.

Diana super-fan John Loughrey, 57, dressed head-to-toe in Union flags, arrived at 6am.
"It's been a great tribute. We've had people who come here every year, a lot of tourists, and some of the Olympics people coming in too, the volunteers. There was about 20 of them down here," he said.
"Diana is like diamonds, they never wear away. She's a phenomenon with her charity work and her caring about people. She's the only person on the planet born with two hearts: one is her own heart and one is the heart she gives to the people."

A man places a floral tribute for Diana, Princess of Wales on the gate of Kensington Palace in London (© AP)

Maria Scott, 41, travelled from Newcastle to attend the memorial. She said she had also been coming for 15 years: "Diana should be remembered because she's the mother of our future king and she should never be forgotten."

Petra Vallila, originally from Finland, placed a solitary flower at the gates, but it was not from her.
The 29-year-old from Helsinki, now living in London, said: "I saw it on the news. I saw that people were bringing flowers and I spoke with my mum. She's an old royalist, even though she's from Finland, so she encouraged me to bring a flower for her. So actually I did this for my mum."
One card placed on the gate read: "Dearest Diana, once again we are at K.P. to remember and honour your memory. We will never let 'them' airbrush you from history. Always loved and never forgotten, we miss you! With love, Michella, Laura, Beth, Connie and Kim xxxxx"
Another read: "Darling Diana, we loved you too much to ever forget you. Nor will we forgive those who betrayed you. Your wonderful sons think of you everyday and so do we. God bless you, with love from Margaret and Victor Funnel."

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