Friday, August 31, 2012

EXCLUSIVE: Josh Hutcherson: I’m dying to meet Emma Watson

Ever since The Hunger Games hit our screens, we've had a major crush on Josh Hutcherson.
Josh Hutcherson and Emma WatsonJosh Hutcherson is desperate to meet Emma Watson. Copyright [WENN]So when we spoke to Josh Hutcherson exclusively, we had to ask which female celebrity he's crushing on.
When asked which celeb he'd most like to join The Hunger Games cast, Josh told us: "I love Emma Watson. She's fantastic."
He continued: "I'm dying to meet her. I tried to. I was in town, and I asked my manager to call her manager to see if we could meet. It hasn't happened yet but one day…fingers crossed."
Josh HutchersonJosh Hutcherson is also pals with Kristen Stewart. Copyright [WENN]We reckon Emma Watson and Josh Hutcherson would make a super-cute couple. Come on guys, get that date in the diary.
Emma Watson isn't the only famous female Josh has had contact with. He worked with Kristen Stewart when they were kids — and she even bought him a turtle for his 13th birthday.
"The turtle's named Bob," Josh told us. "It's a very sad story actually, Bob's demise. We went out of town for a while because I was going to work on a film, and it was shortly after I'd gotten Bob and we had a friend that was supposed to be taking care of him and he forgot. So we came back and Bob was no longer with us."
Josh HutchersonJosh Hutcherson with his The Hunger Games co-stars. Copyright [WENN]Uh oh — how did Kristen take the news?!
"I don't know if she knows," Josh said. "They're supposed to live to 85 years old too, so we thought I'd have him to the end of my life and he lasted five months."
Whilst his pet-rearing skills leave a lot to be desired, Josh definitely sounds like he'd make a good boyfriend.
In The Hunger Games, Josh's character has to save Jennifer Lawrence's character because he's so in love with her.
In real life, he hasn't had to make such romantic gestures, but he did tell us: "I've been in love before and it's tough, every kind of love relationship is tough and it has its challenges."
But when it comes to getting a date with Josh, things aren't so challenging.
He said: "It's really easy, it's not hard at all. It takes as much as smiling and eye contact. If you can do that then you're in the door, that's all I need."

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