Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Kim Kardashian shares photos of her in bra and stockings – can she get any hotter?

Kim Kardashian clearly doesn't worry about us having too much of a good thing as she's tweeted yet again with more photos of her looking absolutely uh-may-zing and this time she's stripped off to sexily show off hints of skin.
kim kardashianKim Kardashian stripped off for her latest photo shoot. [Copyright: Instagram/Kim Kardashian]

While on the set of her latest photo shoot that had a vintage theme, Kim Kardashian donned a cappuccino coloured bra worked with suspenders and covered up (a little) with a fur jacket.

And wow has she nailed looking sexy! With her slightly backcombed hair with a 60s edge the reality TV star sizzled in this snap she shared with her followers on Instagram.
kim kardashianKimmy K strikes another few poses and looks gorge doing so. [Copyright: Instagram/Kim Kardashian]
But in true Kim K form it wasn't an isolated treat, she continued the collection with a shot of her in a bra with her face to the side — her long raven locks falling to the side.
She added an edge of 40s style with a long pearl necklace and captioned this "Nighty night" — we imagine Kanye West has plenty of sweet dreams now he's dating Kim.
To up the ante, the curvaceous celebrity shared a four-way snap of her pulling silly faces from adopting a claw stance, pouting to the camera and licking her lips.
kim kardashianKim had her tresses tended to on the shoot. [Copyright: Instagram/Kim Kardashian]
And just in case these shots didn't prove her beauty the final one certainly will as her hairdresser tends to her tresses she stares into the mirror looking simply stunning.
But it appears even she has body confidence issues, she tweeted over the weekend saying: "I think my butt looks too big in these jeans."
This was followed by a double workout session of Pilates and then Bootcamp — YIKES!

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