Sunday, August 26, 2012

EXCLUSIVE Little Mix Jesy: I can’t wear skimpy shorts like Jade

During their time on 'The X Factor', Little Mix stood out not only for their amazing performances but also for their bold fashion statements.

When the girls met up with Team omg! this week, they explained to us that rather than dressing uniformly in the same outfits, they instead follow a colour scheme to allow each member to express their own style.
Jesy told us: "We've now discovered that we have to have some sort of colour scheme because obviously we're all individual in our styles."
"Obviously I couldn't get away with these little skimpy shorts that Jade wears and over the knee socks so we have to go with a little colour scheme."

Jade added that this evolution in their styling was a conscious decision as the band embarks on establishing themselves within the music industry.
She explained: "We try to get the individuality across as well as tie in together as a group now that we are moving on and becoming more established."
Demonstrating the band's look that day, Jesy helpfully took us through the theme.
"Today we've gone with a black and white theme with a bit of chavvy gold jewellery that we love!"
Well, if anyone can pull off chavvy gold jewellery and not look like Eastender's Whitney Dean then it's these girls.
However, there was one person that clearly hadn't got the memo about the colour theme- our very own Mr omg!
An unimpressed Jesy joked: "What's going on, where's your colour scheme mate? You knew you would be with us today and you're wearing pink and orange!"
Jeez, we can't take him anywhere!

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