Friday, September 28, 2012

Has Tulisa been taking tips from Katie Price on how to dress for a book signing?

Yesterday we reported that Tulisa looked stunning at the launch of her first autobiography; however, one day on and it seems that things have taken a turn for the worse.
Tulisa gave fans more than they bargained for at her book signing. [Copyright Rex]

Arriving at a book signing in Milton Keynes (oh the glamour), Tulisa went from looking her best to 'look at my chest'.
Perhaps she'd taken a leaf out of Katie Price's guide to dressing for a book signing (now there's a book waiting to happen).
Tulisa seemed to be using the same tactics as Katie Price to sell a book. [Copyright Wenn]
Dressed in a black and white mini dress with studded detailing, Tulisa showed off her shiny pins, teaming the outfit with a pair of strappy high heels.
You may not see JK Rowling dressed like this for a book signing but otherwise, so far so good.
However, as the 'Young' singer took her seat to sign the book for fans, Tulisa revealed a lot more than anyone had bargained for.
Well that's one way to sell a book.
Tulisa promoting her autobiography. [Copyright Rex]
Seemingly unaware that her cleavage was very much on show, Tulisa smiled for the cameras.
She later readjusted her seat which, thankfully, saved the X Factor judge from sharing more than her past experiences detailed in the book.
Jessie J was also out promoting her autobiography dressing more appropriately. [Copyright Wenn]
In other book signing news, Jessie J was also on the charm offensive at a Waterstones in London promoting her autobiography.
Unlike Tulisa, Jessie decided to wear a somewhat more demure outfit, covering up in a purple leopard print blouse and black skinny jeans.

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