Friday, September 28, 2012

Victoria Beckham’s teen modelling pictures revealed

Back in 1992 unknown teen Victoria Adams first tried her hand at modelling. Who would ever have thought that twenty years later, the girl in these shots would be fashion designer and super stylish LA clotheshorse Victoria Beckham?
In these never-seen-before pictures a fresh-faced Victoria poses in a selection of quintessential 90s outfits that no doubt would make her cringe now.
Left: Victoria profile in 1992. Right: Victoria in Japan's Harper's Bazaar 2009
The 90s images were taken by Geoff Marchant and show Victoria straddling a bar chair cabaret-style and doing her best Flashdance impression.
Before developing her signature style, VB appears no stranger to experimenting, sporting leather waistcoats and jackets (braless) and even flaunted some side boob! Other snaps show proof that Posh can smile after all, as she happily engages with the camera.
Left: Victoria pouts in 1992. Right: Victoria in British Vogue in 2011
While examining the images of Victoria now and then we have noticed that she has kept a few early-days modelling tricks up her sleeve.
The distant pouty stare is very VB à la British Vogue in February 2011, her lounging position brings to mind her ultra glam shoot for Harpers Bazaar UK in March this year and the pose with the wooden stool is just like her shoot for Elle back in January.
Left: Victoria on a stool in 1992. Right: Victoria revists the stool for Elle in 2012
Victoria may have left her modelling career behind for world domination behind the design table but she hasn’t lost her touch.
Top: Victoria lounging in 1992. Bottom: Victoria goes glam for Haper's Bazaar in 2012
Which do you prefer - Victoria then or now?

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