Friday, September 28, 2012

Katy Perry ‘devastated’ after ex boyfriend Johnny Lewis is found dead

Katy Perry is believed to be absolutely 'devastated' after receiving news that her ex, Johnny Lewis, has been found dead in LA.
Johnny has been found dead after it's believed he murdered and eldery lady. Copyright: [wenn]

The actor is believed to have murdered his 81-year-old landlady before officers discovered his body underneath a balcony outside the house.
He had been released from prison just six days earlier after serving time for assault.
It is unclear at this point whether Lewis jumped or fell to his death.
Police officers arrived at the home where Johnny was renting a room to find the landlady dead and two other men injured, saying Johnny had attacked them with 'superhuman strength'.

It's believed Johnny was under the influence of PCP, a hallucinogenic drug, when he seemingly decided to leap from the balcony after reportedly killing the old lady.
"There was obviously something wrong with him. What that was exactly is not known to us at this time," a police officer told the New York Daily News.
Katy was with Johnny in 2006. Copyright: [rex]
Johnny starred in The OC and more recently, Sons Of Anarchy. He dated Katy Perry in 2006 - they appeared countless times on red carpets together.
Katy is believed to be devastated, however she was aware of Johnny's destructive personality when they were dating.
A source told US magazine: "He was in trouble then and she couldn't help him. A lot of her songs were partially inspired by him."
A truly awful story to start off the day.

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