Thursday, September 27, 2012

Liberty Ross steps out wearing her wedding ring

She has kept a dignified silence since it was revealed that husband Rupert Saunders had cheated with Kristen Stewart but now it looks like Liberty Ross' marriage could be back on track.
Liberty Ross has stepped out wearing her wedding ring, albeit on the wrong finger. [Copyright Getty]

The model turned actress was seen wearing her wedding ring for the first time since the split as she stepped out in front of the cameras while attending a Janelle Monae concert at Club Nokia in L.A.
However Liberty wasn't wearing the ring on her wedding finger, rather her middle.
Showing off her svelte figure Liberty posed in a pair of tight leather trousers, teamed with a leather jacket and faded white t-shirt.
On Monday night, the actress had been seen out celebrating her 34th birthday with her estranged husband Rupert being noticeably absent.
Instead, Liberty was joined by her close friend Simon where the two celebrated at LA nightclub Eleven.
Liberty and husband Rupert at the premiere of Snow White and the Huntsman. [Copyright Wenn]
Talking to US gossip site RumourFix that evening, Liberty didn't mention if her marriage was on the mend.
She did however make reference to the cheating scandal and the effect it has had on her private life.
She told the site: "If it weren't for Simon, I would not be out. I'm a very private girl."
"Nobody knew who I was before he cheated and I liked it better that way. I'm here at Eleven and you recognised me.
"I bet had this scandal not have taken place, you would have walked right passed me."
It was rumored this weekend that Robert Pattinson had proposed to Kristen Stewart in a bid to save their relationship following her public indiscretion.

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