Friday, September 14, 2012

Imogen Thomas faces Twitter backlash after blind remark

Despite being in a few D-List rows, Imogen Thomas hasn't ever really managed to offend anyone in the Twittersphere, until now.
Imogen Thomas managed to offend many people with her comment about the blinf. [Copyright Getty]

Writing from her account today, Imogen mused about how nice she thinks it is to see blind people out and about.
The reality star posted: "I get really upset seeing a blind person. It's so lovely to see them out and about. Good on them!! We are so lucky x"
Unfortunately for Imogen, this tweet did not go down well with the people of Twitter and was inundated with angry tweets regarding the patronising comment.
One tweet read: Imogen Thomas' brain is a vacuous waste of space. She's happy to see blind people "out and about". #discrimination #whatat***"
Imogen then took to Twitter to try and resolve the situation.
She wrote: "That tweet was not meant to be offensive! Gosh!!! I was saying that were very fortunate. Ppl don't half jump down your throat!"
However, the damage had already done with people continuing to berate her comment.
Another tweeter wrote: "@Imogen_Thomas I don't think people are offended, rather just amazed at your ignorance and how simple you are. It is breathtaking!"
Imogen usually gets a better reception wehn she tweets pictures such as this. [Copyright @Imogen_Thomas]
The Big Brother star later deleted the controversial tweet before tweeting again to express her anger toward the reaction her misguided comment had caused.
"I can't believe how my tweet has been taken. I feel like whatever I say always gets twisted!!! Makes me sick!!!!!!!!!!!"
Imogen love, we think this is a classic case of think before you tweet.

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