Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Apple iPhone 5 launched

iPhone 5 (© PA)
New iPhone 5 with Apple's Phil Schiller
Apple has launched its eagerly-anticipated new iPhone 5 at an event in San Francisco on Wednesday evening; it brings with it a new design that is a full 20mm thinner than the iPhone 4S - and we have the the pictures.

Bigger screen (© Apple)
Highlights of the new phone include:
- An A6 processor chip for "twice as fast" graphic processing and will help the camera snap photos 40% faster
- Available in either black or white

Bigger screen (© Apple)

- Camera remains 8 megapixels but front camera is now 720p, and there's a sapphire lens crystal cover for durability and improved low light performance

Bigger screen (© Apple)
- It will work with Everything Everywhere's new 4G network in the UK - which promises blisteringly fast home-broadband style speeds from your smartphone
- 4-inch display is 30% thinner and is now in perfect 16:9 aspect ratio - which should be great for HD movies. Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller claims the screen has 44% more colour saturation - 'the most accurate display available.'
Apple iPhone5 (© PA)
- It weighs just 122 grams
- New connector called 'Lightning' is 80% smaller - if you have a current iPhone dock, you'll need to get an adapter to use it with the iPhone 5
- There are now three microphones for improved voice recognition and noise cancellation.
- Panorama feature allowing stitching together of photos now built into camera - no need for third-party app - and gives effective 28 megapixel images
- Phone runs iOS version 6 - optimised for the new display
- Release date of September 21st in the UK - Apple promises its 'fastest roll-out ever.' Price will be same as current iPhone 4S. iPhones 4S and 4 will remain on sale.
- iOS6 released on September 19th.
Bigger screen (© Apple)Bigger screen (© Apple)Bigger screen (© Apple)Bigger screen (© Apple)


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