Friday, September 14, 2012

Kate Middleton topless photos to be published by French magazine *shocked face*

ate Middleton has reportedly been photographed topless sunbathing in private grounds and a magazine in France is planning on printing the pictures.
Kate was sunbathing in a private hotel when the pics were taken. Copyright: [rex]

Yes, another naked Royal!
What next? Prince Phillip appearing on his undercrackers on the Royal balcony?
In all seriousness though Kate is believed to be 'saddened' by the news the pictures may be printed.
We think it is one thing to take photos on a public beach, but if Kate wants to get an all over tan in private then she is as entitled as anyone else.
However, the magazine's editor says on Twitter: "We can say that after tomorrow's Closer, Harry will feel less alone ..."
Kate was caught topless in the grounds of a private guest house. Copyright: [rex]
Royal sources are saying that Prince William is particularly furious at the invasion of his wife's privacy and that his 'blood is boiling'.
Palace officials told Sky News that the couple learned of the pictures over breakfast and Prince William compared them to the media bombardment his mother Princess Diana faced before she died
The Palace says: "The Duke and Duchess are saddened their privacy has been breached. It's turned the clock back 15 years."

"They woke up to the story this morning and have seen the photos, which were taken at a private hotel by a private swimming pool."
They couple ars currently on tour in Malaysia, a predominantly Muslim country, intensifying the prospect of the scandal.
A mock up of the proposed cover of French Closer has been released in which you can see blurred images of the Dutchess in a bikini appearing to be undoing it.
The images come just weeks after her brother in law, Prnce Harry, was found in an equal state of undress when images were released of him playing 'naked billairds' in Las Vegas.

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