Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Rebecca Ferguson sued by former managers, it’s all a bit awkward

We were pretty shocked when Rebecca Ferguson announced earlier in the year that her management company worked her so hard she'd collapsed.
Rebecca FergusonRebecca Ferguson is being sued by her former management. Copyright [WENN]However, the whole debacle has now become even more awkward, with Rebecca Ferguson no being sued by her former management company.
Apparently, the former managers are suing Rebecca for breach of contract and are looking for damages as well as 20% of her future earnings.
That's enough legal lingo for now.
At the time that Rebecca announced she was parting ways with her management, she called them 'vermin.' But the management have said she signed a five year contract with them, but sent them an email to terminate it early.
Rebecca FergusonRebecca Ferguson has said that she's now much happier. Copyright [WENN]They've even released the email where she tells them how miserable she was.
The email reads: "I am really unhappy with how I have been treated by you over the last couple of months and how miserable I have become.
"The deterioration of my health has not been relevant to you until this week when it reached another low point.
"I have lost all faith and trust in you as managers so I have no option but to terminate our working relationship with immediate effect."
Uh Oh.
Rebecca FergusonRebecca Ferguson is being sued for breach of contract. Copyright [WENN]Rebecca Ferguson took to Twitter to reassure her fans that she's now in a much happier place.
She said: "For a long time i was not well but now i have never felt better and i am looking forward to all the amazing things i have coming up this year." [sic]
"I've lost many friends and many people around me fame comes with good and bad ... but one thing I've learned and that will never leave me what my mother always taught me nothings more important than love and keeping your heart right." [sic]
She continued: "my voice is a gift ... and its my choice what i do with it i came into this industry and ill leave this industry with a few things my dignity my honesty and my love for music." [sic]

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