Friday, August 14, 2009

8 Surprising Vodka Drinks

The chameleon of liquors, vodka has a crisp flavor that pairs effortlessly with almost any mixer. The secrets to successful vodka drinks are a creative imagination and an expert eye for ratios. Try any of these surprisingly delicious cocktails and make a splash at your next party.

Vodka Sangria

1. Vodka Sangria

This Spanish-style punch will win kudos with your guests. Rosé wine, a trio of juices, and fresh berries accompany vodka in this party-perfect beverage.

Find Spanish tapas recipes to accompany.

Cîroc Lola

2. Cîroc Lola

Garnished with a fresh orchid blossom, this exotic cocktail is as decorative as it is delicious. Pomegranate juice and elderflower liqueur give this drink its distinctive character.

Prepare a few of these quick appetizers to serve alongside.

Favorite Martini

3. Favorite Martini

Lemony citrus vodka and pomegranate juice make this gorgeous, ruby-hued martini a cocktail-hour favorite.

Serve one of our savory snack mixes to accompany.

The Cîroc Diddy

4. The Cîroc Diddy

It's surprising how delicious a perfectly mixed cocktail can be. With just the right ratio of vodka to lemonade, this smooth, tangy drink is a delight to sip.

This cocktail tastes terrific with a classic summer barbecue menu.

Smirnoff Lemon Drop Martini

5. Smirnoff Lemon Drop Martini

This dreamy citrus cocktail calls for premium, triple-distilled Smirnoff No. 21 Vodka, orange-flavored triple sec, and fresh lemon juice.

Serve this cocktail before a dinner party to spark your guests' appetite.

Cîroc Champagne Cosmo

6. Cîroc Champagne Cosmo

Looking for another way to mix up a cosmo? This delightful drink has all of the traditional elements — vodka, cranberry juice, and a dash of Grand Marnier — plus the added bonus of bubbly.

Champagne makes this drink quite festive – serve it as the signature cocktail with an array of appetizers for your next bridal shower party.

German Chocolate Martini

7. German Chocolate Martini

The sweet taste of this chocolaty martini makes it an ideal after-dinner drink.

Fruit desserts pair well with this heavenly cocoa-infused cocktail.

Smirnoff White Grape Cosmo

8. Smirnoff White Grape Cosmo

Host a ladies' night in and serve this fresh take on the classic cosmopolitan featuring crisp white grape vodka.

And what girls' night would be complete without light bites to accompany your fun and flirty cocktails?

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