Friday, August 14, 2009

The Thread Makes A Hairstyle House Call

All summer we've been telling you about our new favorite hairstyle— the beachy, messy tousled look. So when we got an email from Lauren, a loyal Thread viewer, who couldn't make it work, we decided to take matters into our own hands. Check out our first ever Thread house call!

Lauren is the kind of girl who wears her hair in a pony-tail 99% of the time. She was hoping to try something new for summer but her waves fell and frizzed miserably. She told us that she was hoping to show off the new look for a family reunion and instead of simply trying to give her advice over email, we paid a visit to her apartment (thank God she was home!). We came armed with some some Tousle Me Softly products and some sexy summer dresses to go with her new look. She told us she wears jeans 99% of the time as well.
Lauren was, needless to say, a little surprised. In a good way. We talked about the fact that having the right products is the key to getting the soft waves to last and to feel touchable instead of "crunchy". She agreed to try again and to come by the studio to show us the results of our DIY tutorial.
Well, the results are pretty amazing, we have to admit. Lauren is now a tousling pro! And the new do + new dress will certainly make a statement at her reunion.

Hopefully, Lauren's transformation will inspire you to shake things up a bit, too. And if you need a little more motivation, here it is: Be one of the first 50 viewers to email us at and we'll send you the entire collection of Tousle Me Softly from Herbal Essences for free.

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Thanks for watching the Thread. We'll be back soon from our Planet Hollywood studio in Times Square with a brand new episode.

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