Monday, September 21, 2009

Emmy Beauty Predictions (Plus 7 Tips to Getting Yourself Red Carpet Ready!)

As part of our “Thread goes to Hollywood” series we met up with celebrity makeup artist, Bruce Grayson, who just happens to be the makeup department head for the 2009 Emmys. Bruce gave us a preview of what we'll be seeing at the awards PLUS 7 tips for getting ourselves red-carpet gorgeous.

We might not be hitting the actual red carpet but we all have to dress for big occasions where we'll be photographed and then seen by who knows how many people if the photos end up on Facebook! Here's some advice from Grayson that all of us can follow:

Tip #1 - The biggest mistake celebrities— or any of us, for that matter— can make, is getting too complicated with makeup. This Fall, simplicity is key. Less is best!

Tip #2 - Create iconic, bold red lips. Grayson always applies lipstick with a lip brush so you can really paint the lips perfectly. (I’m running out to get some fire engine red right now.)

Tip #3 - Loooong dramatic lashes go a long way. For the lushest possible eye lashes, Grayson suggests using an eyelash curler at the base of the lash line, then “walking” the curler up the lashes and squeezing it again at several points for a maximum curl. Start with your mascara wand at the lash root and then “wiggle it up” to make the lashes as full as possible.

Tip #4 - Sexy, defined brows can take years off your appearance. Grayson uses two shades of shadow to fill in a brow— a lighter to contour and shape and a darker shade in the middle to define. Then, to make sure the shape lasts all night long, he sets the powder with a gel.

Tip #5 - Take great care of your skin (i.e. your canvas). Grayson tells everyone to work from the inside out— moisturize with a quality cream to hydrate and firm up areas that need it.

Tip #6 - Once you pick what you're going to wear, don't stress about matching your makeup to your outfit. Neutral shadows go with everything and let the red lips, dramatic lashes and brows stand out.

Tip #7 - A few days before the big event, reduce your salt intake and drink lots of water to hydrate and reduce puffiness.

We can't wait to see how the stars work the red carpet this Sunday. Let us know what you think of their looks by posting a comment below. And thanks so much to the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood for a fabulous poolside setting!

Today' Expert: Emmy-nominated makeup artist and Bruce Grayson is the makeup department head for the Primetime Emmy® Awards. He has also worked on and managed makeup teams for television series including The Larry Sanders Show, News Radio and Just Shoot Me. He is currently working on CBS's Rules of Engagement. Bruce’s celebrity clients include Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Brooke Shields, Hayden Panettiere, Brittany Murphy, Sarah Rue, Mel Gibson and David Spade.

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