Thursday, September 24, 2009

A WWE Diva leaves a career for marriage: Do women really still do this?

Last night, Lilian Garcia stepped out of the ring and waved goodbye to her career as an announcer for the WWE. Garcia, one of the federation's most famous voices, participated in many of the dramatic story lines while wielding the mic for Raw and other wrestling specials and shows.

Dubbed the first and only "Decade Diva" for the WWE, Garcia's ten-year stint came to an official and emotional close, which she described as "tough." Although her contract expires at the end of the year and wrestling publications report that her retirement was not a surprise.

What is most interesting to me about this story is not that the singer, radio deejay, and pageant winner made a career out of belting out the national anthem and playing along with wrestling hijinks, but the reason given for her departure. Garcia, blogs and other pubs are saying, left to get married.

Several blogs do say that Garcia wants to put together a band. However, many more play up her forthcoming wedding to a non-WWE fiance.

As fascinating as the world of wrestling is to me (admittedly, a non-WWE person myself), I am more compelled by the idea of a woman exiting her career to enter into a marriage.

Clearly, there are women who believe that this is the best route for them and have made arrangements with their partner to pursue a full-time dedication to the household and family. But other than the requisite Housewives of Pretty Much Every Metropolitan City, we don't see these women in the spotlight very often.

Garcia stepped out of her own spotlight after bringing her fiance into the ring to slow dance for the audience to the song "I've Had the Time of My Life." Somehow, this soundtrack seems so bittersweet. Did she have the time of her life in those ten years, or is the time of her life just beginning for the now-former announcer?

Who are the women who choose to leave a job when they get married? Do you know them? Are you one of them?

Whether you have a glittery, on-stage profession like Lilian Garcia did or something much more everyday, what do you think are the politics and long-term effects of this decision for a woman?

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