Thursday, September 24, 2009

Would You Let Your Husband Visit A Sexual Healer?

Let's say you and your significant other are having major sex problems. Perhaps he can't maintain an erection, finishes too quickly, or you never finish because he doesn't know what in God's name he's doing. You've got some kinks to work out. Big kinks. Read: The Myth of the Male Orgasm

Could you ever imagine hiring a "sexual healer" to sharpen his skills? And when we say "sexual healer" we mean a woman who sleeps with him and offers him pointers. Think of it as hands-on consulting. Read: Therapists: Virtual Worlds ‘Could Replace Real Relationships’

Mare Simone boasts a sex resume of over 1,500 men. Many of them "clients" and technically other women's husbands or boyfriends. Nice.

I earn my living by sleeping with other women's husbands or boyfriends. But I am in no way a prostitute as sex surrogacy is legal, as long as it is done in a therapeutic and healing atmosphere. People are paying for counseling and to cure their problems—not sex. I am helping improve and change the sex lives of thousands of men, which means I am also helping improve the sex lives of their wives and girlfriends.

According to an interview she gave to The Sun, couples flock to the 54 year old for sexual counseling. She charges about $100 a session. She has five (five!) appointments a day. Sure, sometimes she gets naked but her main objective is to make couples feel more at ease in the sex department. She counsels women, too. Read: Couples Who Drink Together, Stay Together

All of my sessions start in the same way. We start by chatting while I caress their hands to make them feel relaxed and confident with me. During the next few sessions I move to giving them back and shoulder massages, so the client relaxes further while talking about their problems. Following that, we do a mirror exercise. This is where the client and I will both take off our clothes and look at our bodies in the mirror... Sometimes I will have sex with a husband in front of his wife, to show them both how to be more sensitive lovers. Often, couples find just talking openly to a stranger about the problems in their love life helps in the bedroom.

Hmm. If you're wondering where all this sexual, er, openness stems from, we learn later on in the piece that Mare was raped at a young age. She found sex difficult with her husband and decided to let the pendulum swing the opposite way. She has now adopted a sexual attitude so relaxed it borders on vain exhibitionism dressed in faux-spiritual clothing.

Just a quick question. If a man is having a hard time making his wife climax, why would he improve by pawing a stranger? Is she that much of a sexual connoisseur that a few rolls in the hay will transform him into a man of experience? If he has so much performance anxiety with his own wife that he can't perform—how does stripping in front of a mirror with a strange middle-aged lady serve as a cure?

Maybe we're just jaded. If this does in fact work, then bravo and more power to her.

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