Thursday, September 24, 2009

When Is It OK To Go Braless?



Now here’s a dilemma I’ve never had to worry about since l was 12 and grew size-C boobs one night in the middle of 7th grade: to wear a bra or not to wear a bra? See, even after breast reduction surgery when I was 19, I still can’t fathom actually going braless out in public. I rarely even feel comfortable enough to free-ball it the privacy of my own home (my boobs at 33 simply aren’t what — or where — they were 10 years ago). That isn’t to say I’m not a little jealous of women who don’t have to wear a bra. When I read that quote from Christina Applegate about the, uh, perk of going braless since getting implants after her double mastectomy for breast cancer, I thought, Well, at least there’s one upside! But then, I still have to wonder, just because a woman feels she can go braless, does that mean it’s appropriate?

This question comes after reading an article in today’s Daily Mail about a photo of a braless Kate Moss looking very much like a 35-year-old, post-breastfeeding woman who arguably could have used a little support. The article seems to pose the question: Is it appropriate for women of a certain age to continue eschewing bras while out in public? But a better question might be: Is it appropriate for women of any age? It seems to me that no matter how small and perky a pair of boobs might be, they can always benefit from an extra layer of fabric between them and the rest of the world. At the very least, a bra can help dim the headlights a little, right?

You ladies out there with the delightfully perky boobs what say you? Do you ever skip the bra just because you can? Where and when do you think it’s appropriate to do so, and how do you justify your decision? And for everyone: is going without a bra simply a matter of comfort or is there a thrill in being that much more exposed?--Wendy Atterberry for The Frisky

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